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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Super secret knitting! I've also been thinking about sweaters, but then I remember about how I decided to knit lace because I refused/ was unable to properly measure gauge after two creatively measured and knitted sweaters. Funny how I can eyeball gauge with socks and hats, but garments are some mystical land of knit.

Why are you finding tiny candy corn all over the house?

When my mum passed away, I had to make all those phone calls-- you know, the cable company, the paper, the dentist's office-- and I just couldn't face the sympathy statements. It was a catch 22. I had to make the calls to save the money and problems, but I dreaded them so much. It was like being forced to deal with the reality over, and over, and over again. It sucked. Hugely. I understand the urge to ignore it.

I vote for selfish knitting!

Be selfish. Be gentle with yourself. XOXOXO.

Be selfish! Oh, Kym said that first, but I thought it the minute I read it.

Super secret knitting - deadlines can suck the fun out of knitting, sometimes. Cheat on your project, just a little.

All over the house? I guess that's a good sign, because they're not all over some hotel room.

Ironic, that whole treating people thing, eh? I think the final straw was being rude to my husband. I just quietly walked away because a come to Jesus email wasn't going to work and I wasn't about to stoop to that level.

Yeah, that secret knitting. Ummm. Did I mention I was in Nacogdoches? Be selfish, it's cold and you need a sweater. Plus, that yarn is beautiful.

You need a sweater. You deserve a sweater. Possibly pink.

Take the time, Dear One. And, be kind to yourself. Knit yourself a sweater if you feel like it. Or, not. I'm stunned that Ray is your new fave. Hugs!

Hope Ray hurries up and gets his work done so he can remain your favorite person.
You are such a speed knitter you can knit the sweater and still be on schedule with the super secret knitting.
Be a little selfish...it's a good thing once in awhile.

Selfish is a pretty good way to be sometimes - good for the soul, like sweater knitting!xoxo

No joy yet? Hope Ray gets things taken care of VERY soon.
Sweater. I vote sweater. You'll be much happier if you're warm.

HD makes most people look older, wrinklier, and like they have waayyy too much make-up on!

Hope you are able to get to the sweater so you can be warm. xo

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