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Monday, September 30, 2013


Anyone else hear them crying and whining? *L*

It did work! Did Scottsdale swing by yet?

Apparently it did not, since there is no picture. I have things. In my head.

I can read you loud and clear!

Enjoy that cupcake and then blog some more. :-) What the heck kind was it?

I don't have any idea what you're talking about (as usual!), but it seems to have worked just fine for me! XO

Hah. What Kym said. And your loyal readers miss you when you don't blog too.

If you had a picture with the post then no it didn't work. If you had a pictureless post then it worked just fine! :D
You know how much we'd miss you if you quit blogging. It'd be a terrible terrible thing!

We're ALL dying from lack of news. We need our Cookie back!

You're alive!

I hope whatever you were testing worked the way you intended. xo

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