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Tuesday, September 03, 2013


You know, I hate horses too! :D /skips merrily off to find my phone

But it's all about meeeeee! (am I Trying To Hard now?) ;)

((hugs)) Don't let 'em get you down.

It's Tuesday???
You're spinning?...and what do your knees have to say about that? :)

I am a bit of a skimmer but I still have learned a lot from your blog and hope to continue to do so in the future.

If I don't have to google something every day, I figure it is a wasted day.

Wait. Does this count as as one of those all-about-me comments? Oh, and I am indifferent to horses.

I effing hate the Feedly Android app. Yes, that has nothing to do with your blog post other than that it kicked me out of your blog somehow while I was in the middle of commenting.

I want to know what you did with the riding crop.

I like My Little Pony. Smaller and pink and purple. I have trouble getting on the regular horses. Yes, ma'dear you have made good statements. True and concise. The thing I found a little bit disturbing is that there's a bit of me there, too. Sometimes I do try to hard and I do try to be funny. The only good thing about getting older is I have finally found out that it's a waste of time and extremely off-putting and I can try to stop myself before I truly p*ss off someone I care about.

I like blue.


seriously, though, you are crazy funny!

But it *is* all about me!!

Oh, wait, that's my own blog! I keep forgetting that I'm not the center of everyone's universe. Although I should be. For reasons.

<3 Screw the fuckers. Wait, that's rather redundant... ;-)


(Pssst... You couldn't be boring if you tried.)
Hugs and please continue to take no prisoners.
Whatcha spinning? Can I see?

Still waiting for bread over here.

Everyone who just read your post is doing a whole lot of navel gazing.
I'm very good at ignoring all my blog comments and 90% of my emails.

Now I have to go back and read comments-- which, generally, I never do. I am interested in your blog, and don't give a shit what anyone else thinks.

You are never boring, but I'm now questioning my own blogging after reading your post :P

*mwah* Much love to you, sweetie! xo

This is all so great. Monkeys are great too.

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