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Friday, September 06, 2013


It's going to be in the 100's this weekend. Slow moving will be an effort.

Pretty pink fluff!

I love the pink candy fluff on that green background. Swoon!

Your sky is amazing and hope it's not wicked hot.

The pink is so you, so beautiful. I love the castle of trees reaching into the sky.
Here's to drama free! clink

Pretty pinkness!
And a beautiful dramatic sky...hope that is the only thing with drama this weekend.
Happiness to you!


THat is serious cotton candy, not fiber. I would eat it just to prove that, if I was there!

Nice photo composition, Missy. And, don't give me any b.s. Those are two pretty photos. I'm excited to see the plyed pretty pink. I hope it's cool there. Deep breaths. And, a hug from here.

That fiber is vaguely familiar, maybe.


If you turn that fluff 90˚ counterclockwise, it's a heart. A fluffy pink heart, just like yours ;-)

How is it a simple parking lot or structure can cause so many issues? People are crazy! Love the fluff, looks so soft and cozy.

Does that mean thirty, three-ounce bundles of fluff? If so, I'm pretty sure that is a lot. Like enough to knit one of those crazy togetherness sweaters you could wear with all of your friends at once.

I'm glad the spinning is going well, and I also hope for the slow-moving, drama-free weekend for you. xoxo


You are making cotton candy?! :)

Hopefully the next week means only drama in your sky photos - it is quite beautiful!

I thought we were going to hear a tale about you running away to join the circus:) So it's fiber and not cotton candy. It's lovely just the same.

That pink fluff just makes me happy.

It does look like a cotton candy heart!
When I was scrolling down and could only see the top half of the second picture, I thought the white was more spinning fluff...

Happy Monday - and I saw a heart right away too! Here's to a DFW and a beautiful sky everyday!

I agree that the pink fluff looks like cotton candy. And now I WANT cotton candy even though today I restarted using My Fitness Pal to count all the calories and I would be embarrassed to put cotton candy on my list. And it would totally use up all my calories left for real food, like, you know dinner. Sigh.

I'm going to go and find a carrot stick. (but the pink really is so beautiful)

Pretty pink for spinning! It looks like a lovely spin.

Great sky photo. I kind of see Kermit the Frog heading off into the sunset with an umbrella in those clouds. And yes, I've been walking a lot at sunset lately, why do you ask?

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