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Monday, September 23, 2013


Oh honey, I could say so much about your needs. You need that candle. I may have to make Texas take me to that store when we go to Dallas next month. Besides, you could have done the 7 Things list. Just sayin'. No one would have judged.

Yeah, I think Cookie needs all those things ;-)


I'm pretty sure Cookie needs the fabulous red leather weekend bag.

Off white sofas make me twitchy, but that one is pretty.

I don't own anything in red leather - must work on that!


You may not be about "stuff", but you are definitely red leather;-p

You deserve anything your little heart desires. Especially red leather. We all need something, just one wonderful thing, in red leather. xoxo

I concur with everyone else. You should get whatever you want but that red leather bag sounds luscious.
Love the photo with the pelican...very relaxing.
Happy spinning!!

Would love to have a white sofa but who am I kidding? :)
I agree with everyone. Get the red leather bag vs. the straight jacket. ;)
Although the candle wouldn't hurt either. xox
I'm glad you got to get away for a few days. When I think of Reno, I remember it had something to do with slot machines.
Your photo looks like a better time.

I treated myself to a new handbag recently! Something about fall makes me want to all of a sudden up the cozy factor- new coats, new boots, sweaters and socks. I love cost plus, too! It is full of pretty, colorful, shiny things that are perfect for just mindlessly browsing through. Like the best kind of boutique shopping, but at normal prices!

We had a weekend full of downpour and I saw a white heron sitting in a wetlands by my house. It was like he got there first, and was looking at me saying, "wait for it..."

I think Google gets you, but don't feel restricted by those choices. I'm glad that you're spinning up a storm.

Need to find that Ulta...Happy spinning!

I bought a gorgeous red leather bag...so I think you should too!

I love the fact that you took a picture of a pelican's butt in Reno. Perfect.

may have to check the Ulta tinted lip balm next time I'm there.

red leather weekender bag? ooh! (not that I will be buying any new bags in the near future, as I have ... uh, quite a few. however, not a single one is red leather.)

Red is the best bag color. Well, red and orange. Maybe even yellow, or pink... or green. I like colorful bags.
Oh hai, I found y'all.

That sofa is adorable. Uncomfortable looking and totally impractical, but adorable nonetheless.

You needed a little vacation and you got it. Now to work on the red leather handbag...

We will not address the Reno in the fourth bullet point.

It is always a good time to buy leather goods. That is a proven scientific fact. Swear.

Haircuts are a good thing. In addition to leather goods.

Definitely the red leather bag. Yay for fabulous haircuts and stylists. And Squish.


Your loving stuff without being a stuff person sounds like the right balance of enjoying and appreciating things without becoming consumed by them. xo

Teh Google is smart. And say yes to the bag.

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