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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I can hear the dramatic music every time you say "bone death". Long spinning time would cause knee pain. That, plus all the marathon running you've been doing. Ya know? The yarn is simply lovely. And, watch what you say about old people in Buicks.

Bone death; I was worried there for a second. But now I'm happy and relieved that it isn't bone death at all, just overwork of the knee. Really, your posts are a roller coaster ;-)

You called it Creeping Bone Death and now it's Wandering? Honestly!
Love the spinning!

Oh my god, I'm going to suggest everyone I meet in pain has bone death for the rest of my days. Awesome. I actually knitted a hat today, for the first time in ever! Variegated yarn, not my style- but someone in the charity bin may appreciate the BFL and pretty brown/pink colorway.

I think you should call the HMO and request an appointment because you suspect Creeping Bone Death. See if they get excited. (Because they might.) (And, somehow, I can't really imagine anyone ever being "the boss of you.") XO

Every bone in my body must be dying. Now I KNOW I have Creeping Bone Death. And creeping brain death.
Lucky for you you have Joan as a sounding board!

Such pretty yarn!
Bones die? Who knew. Glad it's the spinning and not actually anything else. Hope your knees improve quickly tho...
Would love to be a fly on the wall if you, Squish and Joan ever get in the same room together. ;)

Oh the old people. Watch out for every gold sedan everywhere. Pretty yarn you've got there. Who knew...the cause of wandering bone death.

That is some yummy yarn you've got there.
Creeping Bone Death sounds like one of those olden day diseases for which they'd give you a shot of something with lots of alcohol. I think I need some Creeping Bone Death:)

Thank You so very much! I haven't laughed this much in some time. I look forward to seeing how those socks come out---

At least you have a parking structure! We have to drive to the edge of town - yes, right next to the water treatment plant. Old people drive no better in a big parking lot - they find a way to F you up. Remain vigilant sister.

24 hour non-specific creeping bone death...? In the past when I've complained about an ache or pain to my trainer/pt he says "you're old." Not helpful, but he is muy guapo so I put up with it. Hope you're feeling better and a bubble bath couldn't hurt.

I did NOT say you had the bone death! I was just reading the symptoms to see if I had the creeping bone death myself.

I'm so going to throw you under the bus one day. Just you wait MISSY!!!!

Lovely spinning, Cookie.

Thanks for the laugh. Bone death. Squish is lucky there aren't many buses out in East Texas or wherever she and the critters live with SSCD.

Yes, when there is bone death, you settle for just being friends.

I'm sorry that you are in pain, sweetie.

Your spinning is lovely. I'm just sorry it has hurt you to create it. xoxo

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