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Friday, August 30, 2013


Holy shit, grrl. Hugs to you, but fully aware that may not be enough. I'd say hang on, but what's the point? I still hold with my offer to testify on your behalf at the trial.

Trying to catch up and figure out the bone death - had to go look at the last post. And take a sideline to Joan in the harness. Definitely a keeper photo. Sorry about all the crap, medical-wise and otherwise. Bugger.

Why aren't you knitting socks so you don't aggravate the bone death? What happened to the mac and cheese? You soooo need on demand or something.

I wondered why you didn't see my picture on fb with the gaargious red shawl knit with your amazing handspun. Sorry you have stalkers and medical bullshit to deal with, too. The "health" system is draconian.

What a week! Hope the next one is better...sending good thoughts and lotsa hugs your way...
As far as the drs etc you are only doing what seems to be standard fare these days. The squeaky wheel gets the attention.
I did see the socks you knit...they look wonderful!
Oh! Nuts! It IS a long weekend. NUTS!

Best first sentence of a blog ever. Creeping bone death! I'm dying.

It's turning to fall here, which I am sad about, even thou it is my favorite season. Something about being that much closer to rain all winter is making me hold onto summer for all it's worth.

Wanna move to Wisconsin? Or really, Minnesota; it has much better politics. The people are generally friendly, competent, and endowed with one hell of a work ethic. It also has world-class health care facilities. No Kaiser at all.

If you insist on staying in your smokey valley, at least keep blogging. Your cranky posts are a delight. And I am so sorry for all your woes.

I was wondering wtf happened on the faceyspace! damn.it.

I'm so sorry about all of that and wish I could help. I hope you still have salad. xoxo

Umm. The knee thing. Maybe it is bone death but don't sit on a chair with your feet hooked on the legs. Just saying that was my problem awhile ago. I was able to solve it but talking it over with a friend who went to the Dr for the same problem - knee pain. Turns out I was hyperextending my knees. For once and easy diagnosis. Doesn't make up for the recent unnecessary $$ test my daughter had to take but I didn't feel at the time I had a choice.
If you lived closer, I would stop by with salad. oo :)

You be a thorn in the sides of those medical people! Someone has to do it and it may as well be you:) If nothing else it's a good place to take out some frustration.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and got some rest.

How'd you do with the salad? And the socks...love, love, love them. The harness, Joan rocks it! (And the hair btw.) As for the conspiracy...let me know what you need. ;-)

Joan looks great! Love the socks as always.

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