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Sunday, August 11, 2013


I'm nearly at the end of the first sock for what will probably be my only SoS13 pair...long, sad story.

Cute! I always get turned around on sock heels that aren't like my short rows. I use the method Laura showed a million years ago on the cosmicpluto blog. Short rows rock!

I'm knitting socks. Mostly just the first sock of a pair as I cycle through a couple patterns. Time to finish up my 2nd socks.

Can I count the Christmas sock for my SIL that I've ripped 4 times? BTW, those are adorable!!!!!!!

These are very sweet.

I think I have 4 pairs of socks on needles right now for the summer. :)

Very cute baby socks. Thanks for the link.

Yes, the same one. /sigh One of these days.....

Of course they're socks. They can't help it if they're tiny.

Those totally count as socks, and it is still summer, so you win! They are supercute! xo

Thank you!
I've started several socks, then ripped them because the yarn wasn't working or I hated the pattern. So, I've knitted at a lot of socks, but not knitted any socks.

If it quacks like a duck...
It has a toe, heel and a leg. That's a sock. Damn cute, too!

They are absolutely adorable! And I am making my way through sock #2. Should have one pair to show for the summer or 2013 period! H

Two pairs OTN as I type.

They ARE socks. For little people. Soooo...

At least you're finishing stuff over there.

It's just you. I'm pretty sure. No sock knitting going on here, only LACE and just barely!

Those are so cute:) I have a sock in progress but I cast on a sweater and have been attending to it.

Baby rainbow Uggs! I love these (as opposed to the uggs ffs). Lucky baby!

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