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Sunday, August 25, 2013


I really need to do a post apologizing for not answering blog comments. I understand how easy it is to read them and then keep going thinking that I'll be able to answer them later.

I have a bunch of questions too! Purple? Why purple? Maybe we should have a prayer circle for them? The couple, not the vibrators.

Purple? Are there flame decals on the side?

I hope posting about the purple vibrators got them out of your head. But now they are in MY head! o.0
Happy Sunday to you!!

Now all I'm going to be thinking about is what's behind the purple vibrator story.

At least they're purple and not pink!!

*ducks and runs*


The very best thing I ever learned in Georgia from a nice Southern Boy was the phrase "I have neither the time, nor the inclination..." given as an answer to the most moronic questions and said in the most genteel southern accent. Honey, it works for everything! I use it all the time in my fake southern drawl. I suggest you use it too as your permanent "signature" to deflect the weirdness. Kisses!

I'm with Cheryl. Sort of obsessed by the purple vibrator story.

You do respond to emails in record time.
I still want to see the sock!


Purple vibrator. There's a thought to make the work day a little more interesting! Thanks my friend!

Hope you're well, Cookie!

Blog comments are to be answer?!? What?
I'm not curious or worried about the purple story. Lalalalalala...I'm not listening.

I can see why you wanted those things out of your head:) I know I don't need to know the purple story but now I need to get the whole thought out of my head!
I only answer questions asked in my comments. I guess I'm kind of a bad blogger for that.

Purple vibrators? Well, as long as they vibrate adequately...

I hope all the irritants are leaving you alone by now.


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