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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Should I notify the local Baptists that a prayer circle is needed? I mean, I'm kind of getting tired of them praying for my soul and my wild hair and crazy tattoos.

I don't know that they want people who will have that come to Jesus meeting around. Some people PURPOSELY surround themselves with "yes men" so they won't be called on their shit. They tend to systematically get rid of people who see their failure and/or call them on it.

Totally understand. Thanks, you gave me food for thought.

Big Brother who? What? Oh well, I'll just go back under my rock.

Oh I was looking forward to a good curse filled rant:) Never mind...

Truth be told we're all a mess. Life would be pretty boring if we were perfect.

Okay. I read these things you say, and I so feel like I'm missing something. Because I have no earthly idea what (or whom) you are talking about. I am perplexed, and my interest gets piqued, and golly, I just have no idea how to even figure it out. *sigh* I'm so out of touch. But I supposed a full-time job and a 19 year old who is having her own major crises about what to pack for her sophomore year at college will do that to you.

Thank you. And, hugs.

OMG, so *you're* the voice in my head... I've been thinking she sounded kinda familiar.

hope things get better for you, and soon.

I was pretty sure you weren't talking about me cuz I am wide open about my (hopefully, only occasional) bouts of stupidity. Also, I live under a rock so hadn't heard about the Big Brother thing. Never watched that show, never will.

Sure would like to read some of the writings about whoever got you riled up, though. Sounds like it might be food for a snark-fest.

Big Brother? The TV show I've never seen and don't want to?

I try to stay out of online drama, I've had enough in the last few years to never want it again. I have my weak moments where I contact the drama llama, but they're getting few and far between.


I didn't know about the big brother thing either. I think I brushed up against a headline somewhere in my online travels and then shied away so my blood pressure would stay low.
I sometimes love not really knowing what you're talking about so I can make stuff up and fill in the blanks with my imagination.
People who want fame and adoration have a hole nothing can fill. I have bad balance so I stay away from gaping holes.

Hmmm. I'm not sure if I'm glad that I live under a rock and have no clue what you're talking about, or if I should crawl out from under it.

Maybe I just need to follow your Twitter feed.

Can you see me now? Cuz, I am knitting a square with a kitten for you! :O :)

Dan has given me the term, not for me just in general. ;-) AGB - attention getting behavior. Those people are just exhausting! Maybe we could bombard them with day-glow acrylic squares?

Ugh, people like that are why I hate reality tv- because sometimes I would like to believe people aren't really that stupid or hateful. And then someone else comes along to make the first look like freaking Einstein.

People are just messed up. Sad.

So, basically there are trainwrecks going on all around me and I can't see or hear them? I never have a clue what you're talking about.
Maybe the rock I live under is near some of y'all's. Then we could dig a tunnel and all knit together...

While I do not know the particular situations that you are referring to, I have been seeing a lot of similar things lately. Like you, I am past the angry but not really at peace with it. I also understand not wanting to hear about it because you have other things to do. I like what Kitten wrote about the hole and balance. Maybe I need to find a way to back away from some things. I really do not know the answers, but for today, I am trying to try. xoxo

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