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Monday, August 19, 2013


Lovely spinning! I need to do more of that. And a Cormo/Alpaca blend - super yummy.

I had not heard of Whodunnit. It was probably on at the same time as NCIS or CSI, which are required viewing in my house.

Lovely job, yet again. Sooooo, what are you doing with all that yarn on your couch? /runs

So pretty! I think it will make a stunning edging and hope you have time to work on it. I'm selfish with your time, aren't I?

You do such a beautiful job of spinning. I have a gorgeous red shawl made from cashmere and silk handspun. You know that skein? Yeah, it was heavenly to knit and I can't wait to show it off. Wish I had time to take pictures yesterday! Anyway, that's how I know you are a master.

I'm glad you're finding time to spin, and enjoying it. Margene's red shawl is a knockout, BTW.

Oh, that is simply gorgeous yarn! Wow! And the thing about the sky... well, it's always changing. Can't keep up with it, but it's a good idea to step out and catch up with it once in a while!

So very very purdy. It will make a lovely sweater, but not right now. Wishing you a cooling breeze and decent air. Oh, and maybe a bit more rest. Hugs, dearheart.

Sorry about the unpretty sky the day I suggested looking at it...but this one hopefully makes up for it. It is semi-decent! And a great picture too. :)
The yarn is so pretty! It's going to look great no matter what you do with it.
It's so humid outside that our windows on the north side of the house are steamed over...can't see a thing through them. Crazy! I hope your AC is working fine with heat like that...o.0

Pretty yarn, love the green color! It's perfect for my favorite alma mater football team- go ducks!

sometimes it hurts to be smart when watching basic cable.
Pat yourself on teh back thar, kiddo

I hope it cools off for you soon, so you can knit that pretty yarn. Just so I can see your beautiful sweater. Selfish, I know...

Oh, weather that hot just uses up personal energy like nobody's business. I hope a cool front comes through for you very soon.

Beautiful teal spinning! That will make a beautiful cardi....whenever. :D

Hope your Thursday is good.


My God it took me 'til Thursday to get here? Love that teal and looking forward to seeing that sweater. This is what a puppy does to you. Hope the weather breaks for you soon!

Oh, such lovely spinning, and enough for a sweater! I like to think about sweaters in the summer because they give me hope for change and cooler weather. xoxo

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