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Sunday, July 28, 2013


You blogged! YAY!!

Do you know a baby with blocks for feet? ::ducks and runs away::

Orphan Black is fantastic! Dan is a serious fan of it. Apparently there's also a podcast that's making a big splash called "Welcome to Night Vale" that's supposed to be really good. I have it in iTunes but haven't listened to it yet.

Hang in there, sweetie.

I believe I have ever heard of that show here under the rock where I live.
cute sock! Pattern? I have babies to be knitting for on the horizon, and no, they are not mine.
teal toes. I like that. Enough that I might obtain me some teal polish coming up here soon.

OMG. That is absolutely adorable and it won't come off right away. The wee one will have to work at it. Emotional eating is not always bad, and ice cream is alwaysalwaysalways good. Hugs, Dumplin'.

Listening to Cindy is as smart as it gets. Eat ice cream. xoxo

Don't eat it too fast though - freeze head!!! The sock is really nice, I've got a baby or two coming/recently arrived around here too. Pattern? Here's to a good week for ya!

Thanks for carrying Sunday Sock again. I swear I'll have something next week. Maybe. If goats don't kill me.

How many servings are in a pint? /runs

Glad you're having a cooling trend. We are too, and it's wonderful.

Oh so cute! Babies do have square little feet, plus they can't complain yet...

Hope all is well on your side of the mountain.

I LOVE the weather. I'd like it to be permanent.

Those socks are so cute!!

Post the rant, post the rant. But honestly, I will not stop being a fat jealous bitch. And you forgot old. :)

That's a cute sock! Is there a pattern for it?
Emotional eating is fine...in moderation.

The sock is adorable!
Ice cream is the prescribed food for emotional eating so that you're doing right:)
Your weather cooled off? It's not 108 every day? That is what I remember about summer in your neck of the woods.

You've helped me to realize why I'm having trouble with my spinning. I need to remove the old bright shiny happy green nail polish & go with the copper I've been thinking about applying. Then I'll be all matchy matchy & spinning magic will happen.

Teal? Not pink? What have you done with Cookie????

Love the sock colors!

Nice toe color, too.


Daniel Craig. Ice cream. Teal nail polish. It's the little things that give us pleasure in crazy times. XOXO

Hi Honey. Pattern for the booties? Folks at work keep procreating - ew. As always, I wish you well.

Oooooo! Baby socks! Pattern? I just did a quick buzz through Rav for baby socks, but didn't see them. (Though I did see several other ones that I now want to knit. But I want to knit these ones first!)

Our weather has cooled off a bit, too. And the humidity finally dropped, so it doesn't feel like we're living inside a dishwasher anymore. We're not equipped for that kind of weather up here - Vermont is all about avoiding being COLD, not avoiding being hot...

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