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Monday, July 15, 2013


Nice case; in pink, too, what a surprise!

Do you need pink yarn? I can send you pink sock yarn. :D I have plenty..oh and it sparkles.

Love it! Sorry your doctors and EMTs and healthcare in general are all sucking. It's too hot to deal with garbage like that.

Glad to have you back.
Love the case - poppies, of course!
BTW, I get lots of compliments on that orange bag.

Um, yeah. The medical machine is evil and becoming more so. Many of the people working in the machine are good, as we all know, but the laziness and incompetence is frightening. Hugs to you and Mom. Love the sock, it's sexy. Oh, love the Ipad case thingy. Perfectly beautiful. And, will you cut yourself some slack? How can you post or respond when there's no f'ing WI-FI in the medical world?

When life is going on you can't worry about things like not replying to comments. I think that is what is meant by don't sweat the small stuff. But it is nice that you care. :) Hope Mom stays healthy. Insurance. There is a special place in hell for people who make those decisions. She is lucky to have you for her advocate. :)

Hey nice sock! Love the waffles and the ipad case thingy!

The sock is sexy because it will go so well with navy!

You are caring for your mother in a way that is rare and since that is not the norm, you are going to keep having to deal with lazy. Sorry, you both deserve better.

Our country's healthcare is abominable. As Joan said, you both deserve better.
I've been looking at iPad cases and there are many, many great choice. However, I do not have an iPad, but I love to look anyway.

My mom's pediatrician called all hospital care when I was little- dr and nurses only have so much patient time, so where do you want it spent? On you or someone else? Sometimes you have to speak up! It's also the reason my mom is in charge of any and all hospital visits- because she WILL get help, either by being sweet and bringing nurses coffee and being thankful, or being a royal pain in the ass until she gets what is needed. Honey or a size seven shoe, circumstances depending!

Yay for socks, glad mom is better!

Hello! Great to see you and that fabulous cover. Here's a hug for the week - God help those who do not have the support that your Mom does.

Sorry things have been sucking so bad and I hope that things improve.

That's a fantastic iPad cover. And so clever to have a medical receipts pocket, although perhaps most people use it for something else.

I am more than familiar with Kaiser model - my mom has it too...sigh!

I hope they make blouses in that poppy material because I stinking love it! I may have to get an ipad just to own the case.

Hugs! I hate that you've had the rotten Kaiser experience.

Neat case! Especially cool you've got the color coordination going on. :D In happy colors.

I'm still transitioning from basic black. o.O

Pink and orange and poppies and buttons bring joy to even the dreariest of experiences. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's hospital stay. She is so lucky to have you keeping folks in line and making use of that handy medical-receipts-pocket. I hope she's feeling better -- and you, too.

And . . . you know love means never having to say you're sorry . . .
(welcome back)

So happy you are back! Missed you! So happy too your mom is feeling better.


I would comment, but it's not like you have time to read it anyway. :D I might have Sunday sock covered for realz this week. xoxo

You have been missed:) I'm sorry the medical professionals have been lacking. I know very well how that is. I hope your mom is feeling better and you are less stressed.
The sock is lovely!
I love your iPad case! The colors are beautiful and I too love the button:)

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