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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Now I want to see the pants. If I weren't so ADD these days I would have called you and Joan each about twelve times in the last month but SQUIRREL!
There are actual size 6 people?

Just a picture of the sky is enough to let me know you're alive. If only my thoughts were telepathic, then you'd know how often I thought about you this weekend.

A good drama is always fun.

Glad Joan's doing so well, wish you were doing better.

Where's my rant? Good to hear Joan is still around and not disappeared.

It ended?!?! When did it end?

Wow. That sky is pretty awesome. Bet the pink was Really Something. Been missing you and sending good juju your way everyday. Glad to hear Joan and her folk are well. (And what is it with Certain People?)

Yo, Cookie! I know you can see me every time I stop by but here's a proper hello for you. xx

My goodness. You are so enigmatic, Dear One. Hugs, take care, and all that rot.

Oh I like a good rant:) Put the rant on the scale and compare it to the drama. Sometimes it's worth it sometimes it's not.
I'm glad Joan and her family are well and enjoying summer. I hope Joan doesn't disappear:) A 6 is so tiny...
Feel better.

I'm sorry you're feeling poorly, and I hope you feel better soon. And things get less crazy. Unless you like crazy. It's good to hear from you.

<3 And I think of you often, sweetie.

Oh, go ahead and post the rant. Sorry to hear you are being cyberstalked (is that a real word? Should be!) I enjoy your posts, have learned from them and I like your photos too. Sending you good vibes to get to feeling better soon.

Can't remember the last time I visited you on here. I'm bad. I figure that while they're stalking/talking about you/me (yes I get the loons too but on Facebook but we won't go there!) then they are leaving somebody else alone. Try and rise above it but if you can't then hell yes to naming and shaming teehee.

Oh, I look forward to the rant. You do the SO WELL! (Just hope mine is not one of the names you may be naming...)

Post as you are able, you know I am always glad to read your prose. Hope things start looking up soon. You are definitely due for some better times.

At least you're blogging.

Glad Joan's doing great and I covet her size 6 crazy printed pants. :D

Hope all goes smoothly for you this week and you're feeling better soon. xox

I'm on vacation but happy to have some of you while I'm away! ;-) would have loved a shot of the pants/pillow confrontation! Hoping you're feeling better and glad Joan is settling in.

Ooh, rants! I'm on board with an "airing of grievances" as my friends call it. Size 6! That is amazing from where she has come from, along with all the health issues. So happy for her. Feel better soon!

Sounds like we are having similar lives. Mine is nuts to the point of being almost unbearable. Uff.
Hope you feel better soon and that your life takes a turn for the better too.

Ok, bring on the rant. And name names, just for the heck of it.

So glad to hear all is well with Joan & her guys.

You can always rant on privately. xo
and hey! I'm a bit squishy and I used to write my blog. Poor 2nd child...

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