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Saturday, July 06, 2013


Yes, I can't see wasting expensive blackberries on water... unless you have access to a lot of free blackberries. It was a good use for some of my serviceberries, though. I'm happy just throwing some sliced lemon and lime in the water, and/or a few sprigs of mint.

Sorry you're having such heat. It's even hotter in Vegas, but the pool makes it okay.

Oh, yes. 102 sounds almost cool. Sh*t. We are warming, but not to where you are. I'd send a virtual hug, but I'm afraid you'd go up in flames. Love the sock fiber. Love it. And, at least you're knitting socks. I need to pick up a pair that I've been beating down badly for a month. I think I have a 1/2". Now, I wish I had cable. I wanna see Miss Vivian's weave. Is she still wearing the colorblock dress with a belt?

It's mid seventies here after a week of ninety plus, so nice! I like warm and balmy, but 95 is pushing it! I tried the healthy water bandwagon, but haven't been able to keep with it. Fortunately, I do like ice cold plain water and that is in abundance at my home and work. Pretty singles! I wonder how the green part will ply up?

You probably don't want to hear how it is 80˚ and lovely here in Wi. right? If you were here we could go sit on my deck and enjoy an adult beverage (or whatever; we have good water here, too)

Do you not have air conditioning??

Let me know when you want to order more tea, I think you can use another coupon if I generate it for you :-D

Almost blackberry picking time here...or it will be when I cover myself to hide from the mosquitos in the woods when i pick the berries.

I have a kate from our Annie's DH and it is marvelous. Everyone should have one, it is so cool and efficient.

I hope you get some cool! xox

Me, me...I can drink plain ol' water all day long, although as soon as I find a jar I'll try fruity water. I'm a big L*pt*n fan when it comes to iced tea. Unadorned am I, although not unappreciative of fancier teas. I ask the blog questions almost daily. After a long weekend of silence, I'm happy to remain so, I think.

Oh dear. Now I'm hankering after a lovely TravelKate.

Ok, fine! When I go to the store tomorrow... or tonight, I'll get the stuff for the pineapple mint. While I love the blackberry sage, I've been doing the lemon lime stuff. Just for how easy it is. Although I did muddle some blackberries and mix them with some soda water. Or whatever all y'all call it.

Okay. Must try the fruity water. Looks divine. (I love pineapple with mint -- as a food, not a water. But I'm willing to try.)

Okay, me too! I've got raspberries coming right now and a million limes in the drawer. Off to hateful large chain store for the jar...or maybe I'll try the local hardware store first. :-)

WHY do we live in these stupid places with their stupid heat?

It's nice over here on my side of the hill today, so hopefully the breeze follows on over to you too.

Lemon water is as fancy as I get so wow to all those combos...It is almost berries by the side of the road time. We could meet up and harvest some at some roadside lay by. You make fancy water and I make pie...

Ugh! Whatever you have to do to cope with that horrible heat is the right thing to do. For me, the horrible heat makes it a terrible time to make real decisions or draw conclusions that are not colored by the fact that at those times I tend to dislike most everything.

Pretty spinning! Happy TdF!

Each time I see those pretty waters I think about making some, and then I just refill my water cup. xo

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