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Sunday, June 16, 2013


And the hot, red, angry mess is different how?

Love the yarn and sock. Hope you've gotten some rest and recuperation and that that stupid rash is long gone.

Nice looking sock! Notes?! What are those? :D

I'm glad the Benadryl is working for you. Itching is so horrid.

I hope your Sunday was completely quiet and calm.

Great sock! Notes are good. Wish I did them...
Glad the Benadryl worked.
Good to hear you had a good Sunday. :)

Glad you found something short of oral steroids. They work, but they suck in so many ways.

Hooray for Benadryl!
cool sock. I keep meaning to do one of those.

(I have tried to post this comment three times already. Either there is some hangup with Typepad, or you're going to hear the same thing from me over and over and over.)

That said. Those are charming little socks! I love the contrast bits and the little stripes.

I'm also happy you're getting some itch-relief. Because itching is misery. And being red and angry and mess is even worse.

I'm glad the Benadryl is working.
The sock looks great! I used to do notes all the time. Now just on "fancy" stuff.
Your quiet Sunday sounds like a perfect day.

Holy crap - sunblock? That's just so wrong. Glad you're on the mend and returning to your normal (whatever your normal is) (man, that ad bugs me).

Nice looking sock. I need to find my knitting mojo. It appears to have deserted me this week. Please advise if you spot it.

Have I ever seen that yarn?
I loves the Neutrogena, but what do I know?
Feel better!

I hope the red rashy mess is totally over, but is the angry really gone? In any case, as someone who may be allergic to water, I understand your pain. Vanicream, I'm telling you. Free and Clear products work wonderfully, too. xoxox
PS. Love the sock!

So whatcha watching these days? I'm not impressed with these bachelors, just saying. Glad the itch dulling!

Hot, red angry mess! Oh noes! Also, that would be a great band name. I haven't tried the itch cream, but I'll keep it in mind should I need it. Pollen has been killer up in my part of the world- a couple weeks ago, we had more than anywhere else on the ENTIRE PLANET. as you can imagine, it was awesome for everyone involved. Even people without allergies were sneezing and coughing.

So glad the Benadryl is working for you. I have severe eczema and I am itchy ALL THE TIME. It sucks to be itchy.

I love Cheryl.

You knit? No zombies? Maybe I should over dye the vagina yarn with some green and send you a zombie bloodfest color way.

I'm glad you have something to help relieve the itch, and hope you find a sunscreen that works for you. I do dislike the stuff, and sometimes wonder what is more harmful, and then I begin to fantasize about never leaving the house. Hope you have more days of quiet tv watching and iced tea drinking. xoxo

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