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Friday, June 14, 2013


Could stress have anything to do with that rash? That, plus an allergy? Hugs to ya'll and take good care, dumplin'!!!!!

It's good to hear from you, sweet pea and I'm sorry you're stressed. Friends are way we get thought the tough parts in life, no?
Sunblock is notoriously full of chemicals. Try one called Vanicream. It's the only one I can use that doesn't cause a reaction. The shampoo and conditioner are great, too. I have reactions to anything that touches my face (except kisses). :)

Just say the streaks are from fear that the world is ending due to dumb people.

A niece of mine developed a southern accent when she lived in FL and NC. It never has left...you may be a southern (sounding) girl from now on!!
I developed icky, rashy, itchy skin the last time I used sun screen too. So do we live indoors or just live dangerously? Try Benadryl for the itch...
Hope things slow down for you!

I swear I'm trying to tawk normal. I've been here for almost 5 years now. I can't help it.

Ouchies. I hope the itch departs asap. Hair compliments are good and shorter can be remedied with a little time, I think, if you want.

Southern accents are quite catchable, once you can decipher them. ;D

Crossing my fingers your vehicle stays fixed and the fish becomes a distant memory.

What have I been doing? Got the brake$ fixed. Joined two quilt guilds, a new spinning group, and one Navajo weaving group. o.O Got the garden in except for some bean seeds that are going in today, oh, and mowed all the things yesterday.

I hope the weekend is a nice calm one. Hugs!

I am allergic to sunscreen. Can't wear it - especially the higher SPF ones. Living dangerously. . . that's me.

And the white streaks? We're the lucky ones! (Can't BUY 'em. . .)

OH! That's the spotty!
I am way behind.

Yuck. Hopefully you can find a different type that works for you. I had a similar thing with a sunscreen/moisturizer that I had used for years without a problem. I stopped using it for a month or so, and then when I used it again, I got so red and puffy I thought I must have gotten into some poison ivy or something. But I've never had a problem with any other brand since.

I have white streaks and I LOVES THEM.
Boo on the itching.

I bet your hair looks great! I have passed from streaks of white to patches and really I don't care.

Good luck with the itch. I have had the worse acne on my face since I used the moisturizer with sunscreen. And I only used it once.

Oh, you know, the usual crazypants. Hating my job, cat is sick, 30 minutes of physical therapy a day. But right now, very grateful to walk without being in pain.

Sorry for your own crazy. I hope it calms down soon.
Glad you have escaped the fish. She looked evil and I think she was slowly sucking out your life force. But I might have fish issues.

You've been missed! Looks to me that company was the high point of your week. And what the hell people - are the grey streaks real??? And looking like a Mom...I get that, I've had freaking practical hair my whole life! Fight it!:-)

I am suffering the exact same rash, although I think expired Hawaiian Tropic is to blame, or it might be Ulta. The lack of sleep is killing me mWorst part of the whole thing is that I had poison ivy rashes last week. So this is my second consecutive week of no sleep. Check the expiration date on your sunscreen. Both times I have had a problem with sunscreen, it has been expired.

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