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Monday, June 24, 2013


Yeah, but she had to go through cancer and disgusting steroids first. She's entitled.

Pretty socks!
I missed all the broohaha about the moon. Did I really miss anything?
If Joan keeps losing weight I'll soon be able to replace 2 of her! Oh my. Did I just admit that?? o.0

It ain't fair, I tell ya.

The socks are fantastic!
I just hope she doesn't disappear with all that shrinking:)

Great socks. Sorry about the weathers. Hang in there. And . . . Joan is Really Something! (I'm telling you -- fitness begets more fitness!)

I am totally envious of Joan's will and determination. And, I do love the socks. I missed the super moon because it was RAINING HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! No. I am not bitter.

Pretty green sock theme and the slender ankles modeling them. :D

Wet and humid here but I'm very thankful we don't have your expected 100's. o.O

Saw the moon peeking through the trees, was going to wait up to see it but fell asleep. Oh well, next year.

They're telling us it may be 103 by the end of the week here, too. Yikes.

Lovely socks (of course).

That Joan is something else. But of course you won't replace her. Even if she dwindles to a size 2.

Lovely cables! You can send some of that heat my way, it's all blustery out today, wind and rain!

Lovely socks, as usual.

You can't replace Joan even if she's practically disappearing.

The socks are lovely. I've been thinking about you and the heat and hoping you have some popsicles or something to help you cope. xo

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