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Sunday, May 12, 2013


I think my legs actually glow, so I can beat that!!

Supposedly pale is the new healthy look. So you are right in style!
Love the ruffley sockies! Pretty color too.
Hope the shawl gets big enough very soon...

There's no way I will compete for paleness since my various freckles will disqualify me. :D

Marvelous socks. Good luck with the wedding lace knitting.

I'm still looking for my sock in progress. Things are getting organized around here...just not everything all the time. :D

I believe I'm paler than you. It's so hot here I never got outside...

My neighbor can definitely beat your pale legs. He makes you look positively tan.

I've spent a little time outdoors so I'm probably up to eggshell from ultra white. Love the cuffs on the socks!

Those pale legs are ROCKIN' those adorable socks!

I can see color in those legs!!! You don't even want to know how dark I am already. Yeah, I'm a tractor-driving, garden tending, animal chasing brownie. FLOUNCE!!! xoxo

I hear the vampire look is in this year, so you're good to go! Also, I adore those socks. So grrlie! You might check into contacting someone about adding hours to your days. You need them. Happy Monday!!!

Flounces + red = love. Those are fun.

How far away is the wedding?

I love the socks! The ruffles are super cute:)
Good luck with the wedding shawl.

Other than being uglier, my legs might be paler, but I'm not putting them up on the web, no way. Cute socks!

Alright, I hate handknit socks (I'm evil) but these have me sold -- my sons won't "borrow" them and wear them outside and get holes in them (which is why I don't make socks - I am bad, but the boys take much longer to kill the sweaters I DO make them.) Thanks for a great idea!

My dear you are the queen of wedding lace knitting so I know you will prevail!

Those socks are cute! And so are the pale, pale legs.

What? You're not DONE with the wedding lace? What have you been doing?!?

You have time. You only need to knit, what, four inches of lace a day to finish in time? :D Awesome socks. I am that pale. With freckles. (Now featuring liver spots!)

I am pale with freckles, but not with any orange streaking, anyyyyyyyyyy, from fake tan. Never. Really. Love the socks. ;-)

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