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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Nice sock! I love the cables and the color.

Ooh, tomorrow? I even have a pattern and yarn to cast on.

I joined. I may try to dig out some yarn and actually *GASP* knit!

If I can find my needles. I know they're in a box somewhere...

Hey! I thought I was going to rip off Sunday Sock! Just because I didn't have a drink or 5 yet, doesn't mean you can have the thing you started. FFS. I thought we already discussed this! :D

My post is on it's way. I just was trying to knit my last Mega May thing and it has not cooperated. Not at all. It may have to be set on fire. Along with certain crazy people.

Or it may need to stop raining. I'm not sure. Happy SoS! Muwahhahaha.

Neat sock! I actually just finished a plain ribbed pair myself - happy SOS!

Fancy sock! Perfect colorway for it, too.

Pretty sock! Can't do SOS unless you actually mean telegraphing someone for help...

Dream In Color! Don't ask me why I suddenly know that.


The sock looks great! Well, it might look a little lonely too... ;)
SOS is tomorrow? Holy Cow.

Very nice sock--great green and a lovely pattern.

A relaxed summer of knitting and spinning is going to be wonderful.

That's a nice green.

I'm glad SOS is starting a bit early this year. I'm wrapping up a baby gift, then it's time to start on some new socks for Eldest.

That is a lovely sock! The yarn is super yummy too.
I am looking forward to knitting socks this summer and I've already committed myself to another shawl. I see lots of knitting in my future:)

Love that green. So nice. I'm actually knitting a sock right now. Try not to faint.

Sock. Sock sock sock. Sockitty sock.
I should knit a sock or two...
I think I'm actually in SOS, but I don't remember if I've ever done anything about it.

Pretty! Both the colorway and the pattern. Good choice.

It's a gorgeous sock & a fabulous colour.

Enjoy your SoS. If I finish the one sock (not a pair) this summer I'll be happy (and amazed!). XOXO

Love the sock. Happy SOS. Now, I shall endeavor to knit one of 'em.

Oooh, I love me some cables! Are you using a cable needle on that little thing or just dropping the stitches for a second?

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