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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The grass is always greener . . . and all that! Those socks are so lovely. I really need to give that Charade a try.

I feel the same way. I always want to knit whatever I'm not knitting now:)
The socks are lovely!

The socks are so cute! (It does look a little like she's been doing leg lifts.)
Hope the wedding lace is long enough soon so you can knit those socks or do that spinning! Whatever strikes your fancy. :)

Every time you flash a pair of socks, you make me want to cast on a pair of my own. It's like magic, I tell ya.

I'm a bit uncertain what Mega-May is except for the big sticks with polka dot ends and the tiny goats;-p It's just the middle of May today, so you're doing fine, right? Right???? Hugs, hunny. Love the socks (of course), and you are way too busy, ya know?

Leg lifts? I am famous for not exercising!
I just sit and snap the photo before the sun goes away.

Thank you for putting up with me the past few weeks!
And the fabulous sock!

I'm all for exfoliating.

Some people don't read the small print. Even when it's in regular font. Remember that lesson. You want I should send you some fiber?

I was going to say what Cheryl said. Being busy is what you get for being all things to all people. You are the best of what a friend is.

So when is summer? I only ask because it was 90 degrees last Saturday and I'm pretty sure it's in the low 50's today. Although yay.

Still with the wedding shawl? It's been days!! At least a week.

Hooray for easy-peasy socks! Neat pattern!

When moving, I discovered the HUGE bin my sock yarn is in. I should send it to you :-D

Just in time for Tour de Fleece.

Love me some Charade. Nice job. And p.s. I love your rules. ;-)

Love the socks! Good luck with the running of the things and the shawl finishing. :D


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