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Thursday, May 30, 2013


In Tucson there was a big ugly white dog who would trap people in their own houses occasionally. He once growled at me while pooping in my yard in retaliation for having called animal control (because his little doggie friend was hanging itself with its leash and he wouldn't let me get close enough to help).
that is not a pretty fish.

I think I would turn the not-comfy chair around so I could keep an eye on the fish...

Mrs Nono isn't a grouper, but she's making me hungry.

The ugly, painful sock is for me, right?

I need to break in a new post office, sigh.


Mrs. Nono is pretty creepy looking... o.0 But yay your car got fixed!
Sorry about the ugly sock. Poor Joan though...she has to wear them! :p
The white doggie in the street doesn't sound very bright...

I don't like that fish...Can you feed it to the inconsiderate dog? Just kidding:) Probably.

I feel you. Sitting in a car place is absolute hell...killer fish or not. At least finding a new sock and a new yarn is easy. Most of the other things in life are not. Stay strong.

Is she an Oscar? You made me hungry for Micky D's. And chocolate. You want I should pack some icecream and yarn on dry ice?

You're being stalked by a fish!?!

Leo doesn't lie down in the road (thank you, electric fence), but he does bark *vigorously* at everyone who has the audacity to walk down his street. Jasper just sits on the porch and hopes we'll let him inside so he can pretend he doesn't know that yellow maniac.

So who is Dave? From the title, I thought the fish was named Dave, until you said it was Mrs. Nono.

Poor fishie. Maybe she just likes hiding behind your big head.

I hope the car is fixed and stay fixed. Why can't they have some fun little tetras or angels or something? Nevermind, probably not durable enough for a car shop.

Good luck moving quickly on to the pleasing and pretty......sock yarn.

The fish picture that Jesse_lu tweeted was Bing's photo of the day, a bright pink/yellow/red/neon-colored fish gazing at the camera. Just like Mrs. Nono, only neon. btw, did the car fellas catch you kinnearing their fish? They might want you to pay it royalties or something.

Wait. You mean your real name ISN'T Cookie?

::ducks and runs away::

That is one big fish. I'm fascinated by the name Mrs. Nono. Why female? Is it because she's in a shop with guys? Hopefully, you and Mrs. Nono won't be seeing much of each other from now on. I love that you're Cookie even if you aren't really named that.

My friends had a dog that would lie down behind cars as they were trying to leave. Turns out a change of household and personnel made her a lot less suicidal- go figure. Perhaps the fishy wants a superwash sweater? Or she is checking gauge? Can a fish wear a sock? Maybe it's a real life Ariel, just wanting to walk on land!

/makes warding off signs.

I hate car trouble. It's never some random $40 part either, or if it is, it costs two grand to get to where it needs to go.

Lovely fish. I guess.

Why are you knitting ugly socks?

Your name isn't Cookie as much as my name isn't Toni. Just because it's not what's on our birth certificates doesn't mean it's not our names.

Your car had better be fixed this time or you need to hold the fish hostage!

Mrs. Nono, a place full of guys, we could go so many places with this...hoping your car troubles are close to behind you...and your other name...not a bad second choice ;-)

Car stuff is the worst. I'm glad the fix is in though - less aggravation near term.

Despite being a pisces, I have no fondness for fish and would absolutely choose a different seat. Freaky looking thing...

My car repair spot does not have anything interesting in the waiting room. A fish would definitely liven things up. But that is One Ugly Fish! :-0

You're so awesome, even fish stalk you! Hope all is well and stays well with the car. xoxo

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