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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


What yarn? Why won't Oscar (or whatever his name is) model them?! Cute little slippers!
Anyone who survived your childhood had to be slightly (or moreso) sneaky.

I lurve Kitten. I think I know the yarn you speak of. So, I can send you a skein to turn into socks? Wasn't the mallard yarn a sweater? Did I miss the end of that? I solo need to pay more attention.

They ARE cute slippers. Great color too...even if it isn't the right one. ;)
Digital cameras have their own little quirks. It is probably the camera and not you. I guess you can still buy film and still get it developed...I thought it had gone the way of the dinosaurs...

How can you be over spring? It hasn't even started yet! It snowed again here yesterday...

Yeah, snowed here yesterday, too. We're still waiting for spring to start...

Thanks for the pic. They turned out great! And, the color is fine on my monitor, although it may be nowhere close to the actual color. I understand about being over spring. It's just starting here and I'm not quite over it, but we'll chat soon about the allergies and yardwork. meh. Hugs!!!

The slipper are lovely. I prefer this cuff too.
I'm with Kitten, what yarn?
Spring? It's spring? Our snow just melted and we only had one day over 55. I can feel the pollen though...

Spring here is a wonder. We had a thunderstorm Tuesday night! It was only over the mountains but the thunder was loud! We were enjoying blue skies and watching it pour in over the peaks. The trees haven't even leafed or bloomed, but I'm in the full force of cedar allergies and understand you're dislike of the season.

No one is allowed to be over spring when it hasn't even truly STARTED yet.

I am very curious to know which yarn is giving you fits.

Oh if you're sneezing and wheezing I feel for ya but...we really, really need spring here!

Comfy looking slippers! I get a new camera every few years or so, and it really is worth it, I don't go over $150, since most the cameras in that range will be $100 in a year or two. I have a Nokia that is $100 or less right now that I really like. It's 14mp and 5x zoom, slim built and easy to stash in my purse. In fact, I'm holding it in a an MP3 player case!

I think this is the first time you've called me your Toni. I are touched :-)

And those slippers look comfy, and that is such soft yarn!

I dream of spring. I'd be glad to take yours off your hands. :-)

Clever idea on the braid to help with the slippers.

The braided yarn is a great idea for pulling on the slippers. I feel you on the camera stuff. In the end, I really feel like my camera is fine, but that I need to become more skilled in using it.

Oh, there is more than one yarn company still going strong because someone popular praises it.

Spring makes me want to cry right now. xo

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