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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It could be pussy willows...
The sleeves look wonderful! Looks like a perfect fit.
Haircut! Yay!
What Reader did you decide to go with?

She looks like Wonder Woman. I will not comment on the hair cut because I do not want to jinx it. Two different socks? Good for you. At this stage, that's a challenge. I'm on Feedly and it's ok. Not great, but ok.

So which reader did you choose? Feedly won't show my feed the way I want, and I've been too busy to look into options.

Love the sleeves! And yeah, they look like her gauntlets of power!

I think we have matching ponytails. I'll have to find a new haircut person.

I'm not happy with either feed reader I've been using. They all suck, but oh well, we'll adjust.

My haircut is Friday...none too soon, but also in conflict with a shoe trunk shoe I want to see. Shoes or hair? hmmmm

Friends, whether virtual or real, ARE the wind beneath the wings, however, I'm not sure I really have wings? You?

The gauntlets ARE power incarnate as they come from a place of love and strength. Joan needs a few more pair!

Like she's getting ready to cast a spell. :D I'm contemplating a shaved head at this point. Or extensions. I'm so fickle. I've been using netvibes.

Shoulders back! Lovely job on the gauntlets, Joan wears them well. And good luck with the haircut...it does make a world of difference!

The sleeves are lovely! I love the color.
Do share the feed reader you have decided on. I am still stuck on Google Reader and hope to find something usable by July.
Good luck with the haircut. Tell them you want to look 25:)

Yes - definitely the gauntlets of power.

Did you know about the Feedly keyboard shortcuts?

j/k - go to next/previous article
n/p - select next/previous article

Enjoy your new 'do!

Nice sleeves! Did you use the entire ball of yarn? I have an idea for sleeves dancing in my head, but I want them to be really long, so I think they'll have to be holey.

I'm using feedly right now. It's not google reader, but it will exist on July 1. What are you using?

I'm using the old reader, and I kind of hate it, it's super slow, like my feed log is too much for it to handle. It keeps updating with feeds i have already read- the old readr, we've been over this! come on! Still pissed about google reader.

Lovely sleeves, a nice deep green. Reminds me of the forest in summer when we go camping.

Wonder Twin powers activate! Form of...

I ended up with Bloglovin' which is fine for me, but I hate those cutesy spellings!

I'm glad everyone is home and there was no bond needed. I spent the entire day today with my mom looking for a used car for her. Yes, the entire day. Yes, we bought one before I lost the will to live. Needless to say I was not much of a negotiator. I feel your pain sister.

You have wings?
I thought so.
What reader? I'm trying Feedly, but not happy.
Damn you, google.

Those partial sleeves are so awesome. Did you knit in some special SuperPowers? Because it looks like maybe you did.

I kind of like Feedly. But, then, I'm not very demanding when it comes to feed readers. (Other things? Oh, yeah.)

Great sleeves and model. Hope the haircut is a happy event. Hugs.

wewt. My awe is present as always.
glad you're home with the typical, and hopefully, stable-esque.
and stuff. with xo's

One should never be too tired to whinge. TOO MUCH GOING ON. Glad you're all home - although this was a week ago - does it still hold?

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