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Friday, April 12, 2013


When it comes to fighting for someone's health and their rights to be treated quickly, fairly and appropriately there is nothing wrong with being a raging bitch. Hope all is well soon.

Mama bears protect their whole family, not just the young. Hope everyone is feeling better soon ... glad you have an alternative to hospital food. (I'm always suspicious of tuna salad I didn't make myself. I think trying it at all was a brave choice.)

Carole said it. I hope all goes very smoothly and you both get out of there intact and quickly.


I love what Ruth said. Now, I know the perfect description for me when I was running interference with the medical web, except it might be a slam to the bear community. Hugs, hunny. And, go back and get another sammich. It looks good from here!!!

The wrap looks/sounds yummy!
I hope everyone is feeling better and home soon. Do whatever you gotta do to make things turn out right.
Here's hoping for a calm and uneventfull rest of the weekend.

I'm all for kissing doctors!

A wrap is not a burrito - for the millionth time!


Sometimes the only way to be an advocate is the take no prisoners approach.
At least the burrio/wrap tasted good and you got something to eat! Take care of yourself, too. Be your own advocate. xoxoxo

My mom was told by my pediatrician that doctors have only so much time for patients- and it can be your kid or someone else's. im sure it appliies to every doctor, though. therefore, bitch on! Bitches get things done.

I pick tomatoes out of everything, too. Although yesterday I kinda liked a small portion on my fancy pizza, one time occurrence or new food? Time will tell.

Oh, Cookie-- does the fun ever stop?

Agh! You do what you have to do, and that includes fancy burritos - or even regular burritos. Or Chick Fil-a with sweet tea or what evs. You need to take care of yourself too, don't forget that.

Find some nice stranger and tell him/her that I said you needed a hug...
No, that's not weird.
And go have another sandwich.

I'm with you. If you wrap a tortilla around a filling, it's a burrito, regardless of how fancy it is. And if you take a flat piece of bread and put some tomato sauce and toppings on it, it's a pizza, even if it's made with a tortilla or a bagel.

Isn't it nice to be yourself?

As they say: Welcome to my world. No end soon for me and I'm working at tact in a way that keeps people liking me enough to want to do their jobs the best that they can. I think it is working most of the time......

Hope all is well.

xoxo Awesome woman

When in the hospital with my mom last year, I found it essential to be in Raging Bitch Mode. It helps move things along. Y'know?

Thinking of you and sending XOXO.

Whatever you've got to do, right? Hope every things a-okay quickly. Your wrap looks yummy!

Shoulders back and bitch on. I've got an aggressive appointment for my 86 year old on Thursday...we do what we gotta do! Glad there are some interesting sights at the hospital for you too!

Good luck with the medical community. A little bitch slap upside the head is good for them. And I cannot think of anyone who can do it better.

I hope the medical stuff gets better soon. And happy you found tasty food. I am not the one to judge your fancy burrito. I have only 1 life and it is too short to eat crappy tuna salad.

Rock on with your raging bitch self, and comments can hold.

Sounds like stuff I went through earlier this year. Hugs to you. Don't worry about us. :) xxo

What kmkat said. Just remember - it's all in the wrist.

Hope the medical drama things straighten out quickly!

Sounds like you're an expert at "making shit happen".

It's not a bad thing, really. When I got laid off way back & was doing some kind of analysis of my skills, I reached the conclusion that "making shit happen" was what I really liked ;)

Do let us know if the second Turkey Club Wrap lived up to the first one.

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