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Tuesday, April 09, 2013


I'm currently wearing crankypants (you can blame my @*&^%! neighbor who doesn't parent her child) so I guess I'll head over and see what's up. My recommendation for an annoying Tuesday is chocolate and lots of it. Go forth, ye, and partake!

Yeah, apparently I'm really slow because I can't figure out where I'm supposed to go with the Team Crankypants. Where besides the Team Crankypants Training Camp?

I voted. does that mean I get to complain? Where? When? I am ready to complain because of so many things!

I would be sad to have crankypants disappear entirely, but since I have posted in a blue moon, I will defer to the group decision. Pretty socks! I wish there was an easy way to take a flattering photo of your own feet.

Does anyone ever really think that they're the ones being talked about? I mean, it couldn't be them! They're perfect! But then again, I could just be a jaded bitch. Although, I am thinking of doing a 10 part expose of my latest trip to the bathroom. Or would that make me cray-cray?

I'm liking the low look. I could possibly complete them in less than a full calendar year. And those FJB's...you know FD&S is no way to go through life!

I want to personally thank Joan for separating the socks this time although they were obviously two per pair in an earlier post on her blog, but because I am an idiot I did not even realize it. Those are some gorgeous socks ya know? I love your design. So purdy and versatile. And, I realized the run-on sentence was mighty ugly.

We have wind, gray skies, and freezing temperatures. The pipes in our garden froze(3 acres of pipe and hoses) last night and it will be freezing again tonight. But, I think there is blue sky on the horizon so, perhaps, it will warm up.

Hope the wind goes away asap and your head gets back to normal!
I'm a member but I only lurk, dontcha know, so I'm probably ineligible for voting...and I don't spin either...
The socks all look wonderful. I'm knitting a scarf for 2nd DGD that is clown barf too. I thought I'd love the colors but they are growing old.

The socks are lovely!
Sorry about the head pain. I hope it passes quickly. I'm also sorry about the rude person. They seem to be everywhere these days...

So sorry for the headache(s). The socks are lovely, though, and I know you'll be happy to hear that spring is finally arriving in my neck of the woods.

I can't vote re: Team Crankypants, so I will vote for anklets. I do love a good flounce. :P

You mean we're supposed to steal a meme today? I can barely piece together a post, let alone try and take credit for something as my own. In the process of figuring out what to do for a new feedreader, I may have missed some things.

Is there enough joy for the seasonal footwear to outweigh the rest? If not, it sounds like you have it right about shutting it down.

The socks are beautiful, and you made it through with that difficult yarn, and all without an along, and no hand-holding, either.

I voted over at the CrankyPants Training Camp, but I doubt I will have any complaints with whatever the decision is. xo

Ribbed for her pleasure?

So sorry about the wind. It's starting up here, too.

Okay. I just spit my coffee at the computer screen over the semi-clown vomit. I have yarn that EXACT color in my stash, by the way.

Sorry about the allergies. I hope you get some relief soon, as allergies are certainly one of Dante's rings of hell.

(And maybe Those People are another.)

That first pair looks like fun, even without seeing the front!

Rush through that clown vomit yarn and move on to something you love. Life is too short for clown vomit and silly drama.

Love your along-less socks. (And don't they realize that you can't knit if someone is holding your hand?)
Headed over to TC to see what's up.

You are a one woman sock knitting machine! They all look lovely.
We have had three days in a row of rainy, gloomy weather.
You are still enjoyable even if allergies are driving you nuts. :)

O.K. Call me stupid, but what's steal a meme? Did someone copy something from your blog? And how does one join Team Cranky Pants? I'm usually pretty good at cranking off about one thing or another...usually about the knitting ninnies, as I call them,ex: people who brag about how they've been knitting for 60 years but don't know how to pick up stitches along the edges of a heel or how to do a three-needle bind-off!
Hope you get to enjoy some lovely breeze-free warm weather soon!

I have those socks in a scarf. Or something like that. Socks should be longer. The only thing I'd like to steal is time.

You are quite shocking. :D Beautiful socks, my dear. I hope the wind situation gives you some relief soon.


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