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Monday, April 22, 2013


Oh no. I just dvred the latest episode of The Following. I'll watch it early when the yelling at the TV won't bother everyone else.

Is it bad that immediately thought of the Wicked Witch when I saw your poppies? Those memories from childhood are deeply engrained.

Yay for a haircut!!

I do not watch "The Following" because I am a serious weiny. I can't watch "Grimm" for the same reason. Now, you can make fun of me;-p Love the poppies. How many millions in your yard? I'm proud of you for staying up past nine. This week I haven't made it past, but have made it til. So very proud of myself. And, #1? Disturbing. Very disturbing.

The poppies are so pretty. They do tend to reproduce like bunnies though!
50% off you say?...so many pretty shawls! You are leading me astray...
Show us the new haircut? Pretty please? ;)

The patterns may come in handy for the 80 lbs of sock yarn that will hopefully get out this weekend. I ordered one of those fancy wooden ball winders finally and it has to get here so I can finish winding ALL the skeins.

I may also be falling down that pattern rabbit hole. I am going to try and not knit anything but socks this summer. As long as the cow and goats don't chew on the yarn while I'm farming and knitting that is.

I gave up watching TV that had to be yelled at. If they're that stupid, they don't deserve my attention...
Poppies, eh? My tulips are now 1.5" tall. Hopefully a chicken doesn't get out and roll in them, like last year, so I actually get tulips this year.

I need fabulous new hair. Hopefully I'll be cleaned up and shiny tomorrow night.

I thought of Dr Demento. The Existential Blues.

Poppies! So pretty.

Love California poppies. My mom had a bed of them at the front of her (huge) garden.

Love your poppies. Picture of the new hair? :)

Oh. . . the poppies! So lovely.

I like the poppies too. I used to yell at Maggie Rodriguez every morning. (Especially when she was interviewing Levi the Palin boyfriend...who caresssssssssssss Maggie!!!)And I hear ya, I did some serious sleeping in my chair this week. Here's to feeling good!

Sleep is good, get what you can. :D The poppies look marvelous. There are a few late croci (-uses?) in my yard with a promise of some daffies sometime. We may feel some warmer weather these next few days, which will probably take me from ahead of the game to way behind.

I have a pair of socks on needles around here somewhere. So I'm ready. Heh!


whine! I've been that person.
sorta still am.
but Im cute, right? hullo??? is this thing on??

hope you get some ice on those wrists babeh

I keep reminding myself that those folks are just New and hopefully will settle down eventually (before someone whomps them upside the head). I don't remember getting that excited but maybe I did and just forgot.

The Following is so damn annoying. I want it to end already. I've had enough with the dragging it on and on and on.

I am recreating Thorlo socks handknit style since they're my husband's favorite. I've gotten the style down, now I just have to add some "padding" to the bottom of the foot.

Gorgeous poppies!

I would love to have a poppy problem, we have some that bloom for about 20 seconds every year...they are about 1 " tall right now. But are stunners when they grace us, bright orange.
Socks...I should revisit my sock knitting.

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