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Friday, April 26, 2013


first I read Joan's blog, where she's quilting. Then I hop over to your blog, and YOU have fabric, too. And I've just gotten home from four days away (petsitting, and essentially no knitting at all), and this makes me want to head directly to my sewing room and start working on a quilt... o.O

good thing I have the weekend off.

Mom used to use the word megillah...I'd forgotten all about it.
Love the fabric...how come I can never find cute fabric like that at Joanns?? :p
I'm thinking of quilting again too...3rd DS dropped a very broad hint that he'd like a new quilt...
Darn hair! ;) Hope your hands/wrists get better quickly.
Good weekend to you!

If you get a note from the doctor, could a new haircut be considered a medical expense?

What's with the quilting?

The young doctors .... sigh. I'm still not used to it.

I love the fabric. Can't wait to see what it wants to be. A quilt? Whythehellnot? I'm so sorry about your wrist, but you are taking the sage advice a close friend told me. If it hurts when you knit, then don't knit;-P Who'dathunk the gorgeous new style would harm you? I honestly didn't expect it to be so high maintenance;-p BTW? I will not be joining in on the quilting. I quilted a lap robe many years ago that Stinky enjoys laying on. It's not worth any more than that. Was the doctor wearing a backpack?

I'm not sure what megillah as to do with nipples, but I'm often confused. We do what we must do to be beautiful even if it involves walking through fire.

The apple print is so lovely! And with the green, divine.
Saga has been the word of the week here. Everything is a saga with a side of drama.
With all the talk about wrist issues in a world with hands, you'd think brushes would be ergonomic:)

Cassie has been posting quilts on Facebook and I'm getting my Honeymoon quilt out today.
It makes me think of Magilla Gorilla.
I have earrings older than some of my coworkers. It stands to reason the same goes for doctors anymore.

Aww, I'm too young to know the word, but not too young to pick up a good word when I see one. Maybe a new shopping bag? The apple fabric screams fun liner to me.

You can go with the not styled hair for a day or two. I just know you can. I'll hold your hand. The thing that was done to mine is AWESOME!!! I just floof, floof with some gel or hairspray and I'm outtie!

Very nice color combination. I'll stay tuned.

Drats -- re: hand pain. Fab hair should not be pain-causing. Or maybe that is what it takes and why I don't have either.


I'm with Kitten. The first thing that came to mind was Magilla Gorilla.

Rolling on the floor over "Nipples Galore"...

V. nice fabric combo there. And you have a zipper to match. This does not bode well for the quilting.

Quilting uses a different set of hand movements. You should be safe.

I didn't know you used to quilt. After all my complaints about too much stuff, I still have my quilting (and regular) fabric stash.
I like the green & apples combo.

So megillah is like the hebrew version of tl;dr?

Hope your wrist & hand feel better soon.

Oh, you make me laugh. So much. I like the little apples. Please explain the zipper. . . and how it relates to a quilt? So sorry about your hand/wrist pain -- but mostly sorry that it's fixing-the-hair that makes it so. Because. Looking good. Y'know?

I hope he was a cute MD! Quilting...don't you need an entire room for that? Nice fabric though!

Are we almost done with the nips, or is your wrist still sore? ;)

Would it be too weird to suggest you try one of those bowling support gloves? I hope your wrist feels better soon.

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