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Sunday, March 31, 2013


That is some beautiful skeinage, Cookie. I remain a non-spinner in total awe of your talents!

Amen, Gale!!

Gorgeous yarn! Merino and cashmere...yum.
I love falling asleep while listening to rain on the roof. So relaxing...
Happy Sunday!

Very pretty yarn indeed! I just finished up a hank of BFL in lovely lavendars but nowhere near as pretty as your wooly cashmere lace!
My son calls today Zombie Day so I was tickled to read your post about zombie weekend.

Gorgeous! That yardage must have taken you a while. Super, now I've gone and faved another Etsy fiber source. Good to have just in case I should run out of stuff to spin, you understand.

That purple signs of the hyacinths that have yet to show their faces in my yard. (*sigh*) Lovely stuff.

Wow that is gorgeous yarn! I bet it feels yummy too.

It is told your storm is headed this way. I would love a good ol' thunderstorm. That skein is plainly glorious.

You would have had to put up with The Hoodie - count your blessings.

The sun is out now, and hopefully will stay out long enough for pics.


You do nice work there my friend! My sock is in serious need of some knitting...soon enough, soon enough.

Beautiful yarn and amazing yardage! I'm glad you've found a good dyer. Oh, I am too familiar with the other type.

I'm glad you had so much wonderfulness for your Sunday! xoxox

Another fabulous job. Of course. :D They just want to try to be you. xoxo

We're having a heavy rainstorm tonight. Too bad I just washed the windows. :-/

I just want it to be cold Saturday because otherwise my office is going to be a furnace.

Pretty yarn! Who is having a life? I don't even remember what that means anymore.

Such beautiful yarn! I love thunderstorms (as long as they're not the destructive kind). I love listening to the thunder roll and watching the lightning flashes.

Okay, so now I have yet another sock pattern stored in my library...
Totally love that pretty purple yarn!

OH MY GEE that yarn is pretty. Good thing the commandments don't say anything about coveting your neighbors yarnz. (Not that I care, anyway.)
I miss thunderstorms. Almost enough to put up with the midwest to have some, and LIGHTNIN' BUUUUUUGGGS!

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