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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I agree with the "no pictures, no evidence" theory. However, I do enjoy seeing what people are working on. Especially when they don't post on Ravelry. My current one, of course. doesn't really need progress shots. I mean, how exciting can squares be?

That is so cool, Kiddle. Some of us love in-progress photos because everything we do is always in-progress. Ya know? I will begin my Nola's this weekend after the stealth knitting is complete. I've been bogged down by chores;-p

The slipper looks interesting to knit:) That makes it more fun I bet.
I like seeing works in progress. I want to know if they had issues with a pattern or a yarn. If you're only showing the good stuff we'll never know.

Thank-you! And what a shot! I'm sure your Mom will wear them well. ;-)

Very cool looking...it is a lot like Gramma Lora's slippers with the seam on the bottom... I'm sure they'll keep your mom's toes warm!

With the origami-type patterns, an in-progress shot is really interesting. And helpful, too, when it's hard to visualize how it's going to turn out just from reading the instructions. Feel free to flash us anytime! 8)

I agree with Gayle, on all points.

I wanted to make slippers, but then hijacked the yarn I was going to use to start something else. Hmmm. Don't think I have enough of any other yarn left in my stash to make them.

Slipper or codpiece? You decide...of course I have no idea of scale since you didn't toss a quarter down when taking the pic...Are you designing a new line for The Thunder Down Under?

I didn't know this was Willy Warmer March!
If I didn't take in progress pictures I'd never take pictures, cuz I never manage to finish anything.

Progress pictures can be interesting, especially when they're so odd looking! It takes me so long to knit something I'd never have any pictures of knitting, although I rarely have many anyway.

I think it depends on the photo. A good, clear pic or one artfully styled can be interesting, but a pile of yarn and mess isn't. A good project is helpful, too. Everyone is different, so you can't please everyone anyhow. Interesting construction on the slipper; it took me a minute to figure out what was going on there. I love patons for accessories, that stuff is made for hats and mitts!

Sometimes I take in-progress shots. But not so often. (My knitting tends along boring lines; I prefer to surprise with a finished project. Besides. What if you have a problem with commitment? Who needs the evidence.) But this origami stuff really DOES make for an interesting look at those in-progress projects.

But the mitt was HIDING. Sneaky devil.

I had to look at it for a minute, but now I think I see how that slipper goes together. Clever.

There are worse things than in-progress photos. In fact, I think I like them, but I do understand that they can become tedious. For that reason, I problem won't have another POP! Blanket picture to share until I have finished.

You mean you have to use the hurtful black yarn again? Oh, noes! Be careful and take care! xoxox

Interesting, the mid-knit origami view. Must go look at completed slipper to see if my little brain can put the pieces together.

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