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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We're doing the same thing we do every weekend.
I can't help but worry about my silent friends. I love the daffies and I don't care what they're called.

I'm not sure what season it is here. We just came out of freezing temps. In March!!! WTH? Friday, we're celebrating Texas' birthday and releasing balloons for Colin. After that? It's all up in the air. Need some eggs? Or chicks? Or bunnies? I hear they're good deep fried on a stick.

Pish. Zombies and vampires were around long before that. (Now, reading Squish's post, I'm picturing a sort of totem-pole, yakitori thing with an egg, a chick and a bunny, all deep-fried and snackable...)
You shouldn't use a vase that makes you think.

My daffs are still under a blanket of snow. Maybe in another month or two...
Yellow jackets build a nest in our barbecue grill every year. Pushing the 'ignite' button is very satisfying.

You are wise not to get emotionally invested in bulbs. They're fickle. Critters eat them. And I can never remember what I planted where and tend to dig them up accidentally post-season. (Kind of like . . . oh, never mind.)

As far as the weekend. . . you can celebrate my birthday with me -- in addition to the zombie/vampire love thing! :-)

We still have snow, so I am jealous of your daffodils. Very I-just-put-the-sleds-away-even-though-there's-technically-still-enough-snow-on-the-hill jealous.

I am sorry about the allergies thing, but the daffodils are so beautiful! You will soon be at the stage I am, unable to remember what the holy heck you planted and where. I'm always so thrilled when something blooms. And, yes, it is sad. We still have snow, but the temps are warming so the mold count is up. At least you have flowers. Hugs, kiddle.

The flowers are gorgeous! Sorry about the allergies. I feel your pain.
Enjoy your weekend. I'm hoping for a quiet one is everything goes as I want.

It's nice to be the one worried about if you're usually the one worrying. That probably doesn't make sense but my coffee intake is rather low this minute.

Yellow jacket nests are scary sounding, I'd buy a new mailbox.


I planted Angelique tulips once. They looked like crap. I don't know where they find those pretty ones for the photos.

Love your daffs!

Hornet & Wasp spray. You can spray from up to 15' away. Just be sure to do it at a time when the Yellowjackets aren't very active (dawn or dusk is good).

Our bulbs are rodent feed for certain! Damn moles. And if you're talking about those Daffodil Days keep a cousin of mine in your thoughts as she begins the battle tomorrow.

We've still got snow, but spring will eventually show up here too. Meanwhile I can admire your lovely daffodils.

Good luck with the yellow jacket problem. After all the email troubles the last thing you need is a physical mail stoppage.

I agree with Cheryl S on the Hornet & Wasp spray. I works amazingly but you gotta use it at night when all the little buggers are at home.
Such pretty flowers. The gophers eat daffodil bulbs so I don't even try any more...
Happy weekend to you! Is it close to the weekend already? I've lost track of the days...

They are very lovely, and beautiful flowers help me to feel less horrible about the change in weather and the seasonal allergies. I occasionally think about making some flowers on purpose, but I don't get much further than that most times.

Ack! Here's hoping you find the best way to deal with the yellow jackets.

This weekend? I'm going to try to attend a fiber event on Saturday. I started a coconut cake today, and now I am hearing the rumblings of ideas that I need to make a second one. If I do, I need another cake carrier. xoxo

I think I will get some daffodils at the market until spring shows up. Yours are lovely. We may see grass next week if the temps stay over 32.

Have a very good weekend, sweetie.


Sounds like you need chocolate! I have some Cadbury Mini Eggs I'd like to send you if you'll let me. Daffs are gorgeous!

Every spring bloom IS a little miracle. I am starting to think just the arrival of spring would be a miracle. It has been a long winter.

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