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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


You sing? Good for you! I lovelovelove your new bag. Is it orange or more of a golden color? I can't tell on my monitor. I'm working away on my slipper, but you are so right, holding two strands on size 9 needles is hard on the hands. Hugs, girlie!

Singing is the sign of a good mood:)
Your bag is lovely and the lining unexpected which I think is a good thing.
I love the projects all prepped and ready to go. If I did that I'd cast them on all at once and then leave them for something else...

You really do have spring! 70s and 80s? Nice. I know you aren't fond of it but it sounds good to me. It's -11 here this morning...
Sing for us too!
Love the purse.
There's some pretty yarn in those little bags...what is being hidden by the tissue paper?

Can't wait to open my windows and let in the clear air and warmth. Thank you for sending your spring our way! Keep singing, grrl, it suits you.

Want the bag!!! That would be right up there with my aqua ipad cover. So, the paper bag project thing is going to be an ongoing, rest of the year CMMDI? Because that would work for me. And give me a reason to leave the house and mail a package.

I sing when I'm alone. Never when I'm with people, since my singing is so bad that it causes heads to explode and I try to use my powers for good...

Oh that bag...beautiful. I've got a real lean toward orange these days. Singing - so good for the soul. I sound fabulous in my kitchen. Alone. :-)

Awesome bag!
I wish I could sing. I'm so awful, I don't even sing when I'm alone. It scares me.

It's snowing today :-p

In a week we head out to PA for Dan's interviews. I'm hopeful!!!

Shut up!!! Some of us are still having weather you know!
You are a girl after my heart because I have been seriously thinking of getting an orange leather purse. Yours looks perfect except if I don't have a zipper to close it the contents would be all over the place all the time. :)

I was looking for a new orange purse! Orange was the most negotiable of its requirements, though, so I went with The Yellow One With Enough Pockets.

Gawjus bag! And I like the lining a lot, too. I'm jealous of your spring but not your yellow jackets. I sat on one once -- they nested in the walls of the million-year-old shack we lived in when I was in high school. Ouch. Lucky I am not allergic. Oh, and I made a nest of them angry when I was clipping grass around the base of a fence post. The one that got me was VERY angry. I tried any number of things -- baking soda, vinegar, ice, calling the nurse hotline -- but the only thing that made it stop hurting was two stiff Jack Daniels & soda applied directly to my gullet.

Oh, I wish I could sing! My voice is especially bad with a cold today, helpfully supplied by hubby. Grr. I have had the flu twice this season, I'm SO OVER being sick. Send some of that sunshine up here! I have mint-blue-green painted toes that need exposure! Seriously, 1.99 makeup never made me so happy!

I love that you're singing! How about some opera when the pot head next door is sparking one up? Can't he sit in his garage like everyone else? Is it a Sacto thing to be so free and open, maybe?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag and if you don't tell me immediately from where it came I shall die. Perish! I've got a tank of gas and time off sister, I'm hunting it down.

P.s. I bought sunblock today (spf 30) and thought of you! x0x0

It is 80 today. At least. Oh well.

I love your new purse!!

The bag is gorgeous. I change my mind a lot, one of the reasons my Ravelry queue is over 1100 items long (that is not a typo)...

The bag is fabulous. I need a new one for Spring. I am tired of my red one. We are having none of this Spring thing. Don't tell the bulbs but we're expecting snow showers again this weekend. The poor things will be so confused after the warm temps we have been having.

I did the brown bag sock club-for about 3 months and then gave up and looked inside the bags and chose what I wanted anyway. No willpower.

Envious of the temp. It snowed on me today. Not envious of the yellow jackets. (How does the wire work?) Loved the cables on Joan's most recent socks. Tres cool. But then so is your purse. LOVE the shape. Though orange isn't really my color so I won't try to fight you or your Mom for it. Anyway, I'd probably just ask nicely "Where did you find it?". Can't wait to see what the bags bring. I should probably engage in something similar since several time in the last few months I've found something perfect for X with at a LYS, then I'll buy it, take it home and two days later be utterly unable to tell you, me, or the man in the moon what X was. Once. Oh well. It's really nice yarn I'll find something to do, but I'm not going to go and count the number of skeins floating on the kitchen table currently that I know have a perfect project if only I could remember what it was. (I keep hope that leaving them out in the 'open' will spark a brilliant insight of some sort. Though this may convince my husband that I've gone stark raving yarn happy but I hope not. After all he's started knitting again. (2 potholders at 7.) My biggest risk maybe that he finds a skein he can't resist.

I tried my own version of the Personal Sock Club this year...and I opted for Not Just Socks, too.

and that would be why I have four beach totes (!!) filled with bagged yarn-and-pattern combos. 42 ready-to-go projects, at last count...

uh oh. I only (ha) wanted to get a few grab-and-go options for unexpected out-of-town trips, not that I'm thinking there will be any of those in the near future. (out of my mind, yes. out of town, maybe notsomuch.) I may need to completely give up sleeping.

I'm also enjoying the return of the light. I have a thing for long evenings I guess.
Happy spring. The crows are ripping down branches to build nests and yesterday I ran across 2 ladybugs getting it on. While eating aphids. Hoorah for multitasking.

The returning light is lovely, especially if you sing with it. I love the orange and it looks like it will be useful for life-stuff.

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