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Friday, March 08, 2013


It's not an igloo, it just plays one on TV!

Kitchenering the bottom of the foot sounds like a much more comfortable way than a seam...good idea!!
It's an igloo and we love it. :)

I'm so relieved that we aren't arguing about the time change.

I'm starting slippers in the car tomorrow!


Sassy grrl, you! Love the slipper. I finished my stealth knitting last night and will begin the slippers this eve or tomorrow. When you don't slog to the office day after day the time and date don't mean a rip. I hope to find that out one day when I retire(hahahahahahahaha). Also, I found some sock patterns on that page, too. Wow!!

Our igloo is melting in the rain. I realize I'm in the minority, but I love this time change! You can try to hate me, but I'm too lovable.

Oh, yay! Free patterns!

The slippers look great. I should definitely make some of those for next winter. The origami thingies are kind of meh.

Should I slap Margene for you?

The slippers look like they would make bed socks, too -- the ribbed cuffs would keep them on but the foot would not be tight.

Thanks for the link to the pattern giveaway. If I win... I'll share!

Slippers! Mine are languishing somewhere in a basket.

It IS too hot for hats. However, it may not be too hat for a sweater. I know. I have lost my mind.

It looks like the baby slipper pattern I used to make before I gave up on booties.

It's decidedly spring here today, also! I love the blue skies after months of grey and am starting to get together a garden game plan in my head.

That is a cooshey-looking slipper! I am such a visual learner. /sigh.

We have piles and piles of snow here and a smidge of rain. Spring better put on her roller-skates,is all I'm thinking.

Pair number three? You are making great progress on these. I still haven't figured out something for Origami March, but I have an idea about an idea, or maybe I'll just wait to see what happens in April.

I really can't make myself care about the time change this year, although if I were in charge we would get rid of it. xoxox

AZ does one thing right. Daylight sucks - give me evening or night any day. (Ha.)
Your slipper description crushed the few brain cells I had remaining.

My igloo is melting.


I wish I lived in an igloo.

That slipper is too cool! I love origami knitting like that.

Oh I like that slipper! What an interesting method:)
I like the time change in the evening when there is daylight after dinner but in the morning I hate it.

I won't mention stupid time change exhaustion then. :-) Slipper looks quite nice and comfy though!

Those are great slippers. My igloo pretty much melted over the weekend. But I woke up this morning and it's back.

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