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Friday, March 15, 2013


Am now suffering from Pretty Overload...
I'm trying to enjoy the moment of searching for the origami slippers WIP/UFO, but apparently I hid the bag better than I thought I did.

You have an eye for color!

Love both pics of the socks. On Joan and sans model. The cashmere looks yummy and the sky is beautiful. Is that a real sunset? Wow...

Machine! Love the cashmere colors. It's frog hair, isn't it? I'm with you on the same pattern thing. Except mine are squares. Oh, and usually I can't knit more than one of anything. Even socks. Should I knit a bunch of onesie socks to prepare for SOS? Maybe I'll complete a pair. You'll have to email me the details of the schmatta so I can do a post. xoxo

Yes, that definitely looks like a Margene sky.

Cashmere - great. Purple cashmere - supreme greatness. Pretty all of the place over the hill there...

Ooh, cashmere! Lovely soft singles! Still on the cable bandwagon, or are you ready to fall off yet?

Great socks & very lovely singles. I just missed out on an update today where I was going for some fiber like that. I must have something like it in the stash. I'll go have a rummage later.

Ooo pretty socks! Joan's feet are very lucky.
Cashmere...100%? The color reminds me of the egg shaped Easter candy that had a colored shell and a white chewy inside. Don't even know if they make them anymore...
Such a wonderful Saturday sky. :)

Gorgeous colors and I love the cables! Will have to enjoy the sunset vicariously, as it seems like all we've had lately is clouds ;)

Beautiful socks and spinning. I'm jealouse of Joan now! I love the color of the sock yarn. Tell me again what the name of the sock pattern is so I can search for it in Ravelry. Please and thanks.

The socks are beautiful! It really says something about a pattern is someone knits it twice but 6 times! That must be a great pattern:)
Cashmere and such lovely colors! Lucky you:)

I think your seventh pair you should do without the chart.

Loveliness everywhere. Hope you're still enjoying the moments.

Wow! The cashmere spinning is to die for! Beautiful work!

Just opened the goose girl pattern...good thing I studied German in college, right? Actually, with charts, one can pretty much figure out patterns. I love how she adds pretty charms to the socks. Heaven knows I have a ton of charms (for stitch markers some day). Thanks for sharing.

Pretty singles, pretty socks, pretty sky!

So much pretty! I hope your day has even more loveliness! xo

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