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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I don't know where to begin:)
I skipped The Amazing Race this year. It's no longer amazing... Survivor is blah. I have watched every minute of The Following. It isn't getting anywhere. At least Fox is giving it a chance. I really liked Zero Hour but stopped watching when they cancelled it after 3 episodes. Stupid...
All I've been knitting is socks. My brain can't take much more than that.

The only show I watch on Fox now is "Bones" and that's only if I don't have anything better to do. I love your schmatta and it's perfect packaging for a wee darling. I'm working on the CMMDI slippers and making slow progress, but moving forward. Hugs, grrlie. It's Wednesday already and I hope the skin issues are not itchies. No skin issues are good, but itchies can drive you mad!

Wow! You've been busy! It would have been nice to be that industrious but I've been slacking lately. The Maryland S&W Festival is coming up and I'm starting to plan for skein contests, camping and food. I'd better start spinning!

You've been busy. Next time, pick something without nupps/beads. :D Just sayin'. Or is that another form of punishment? BTW, it's riding on the tractor with me today. It's chilly this morning and it is my own twisted Green Acres joke,

You've been very busy! The knitting and the yarn are all super!
We've been watching Vikings too. Even DH is liking it. I'm just catching up with my ancestors dontcha know... ;)
Itchy skin? We've got that in our family...3rd DS and DGS...hope you aren't as miserable as they are...

I think I am having teh dumb, as I cannot see the Another Schmatta on Margene's blog.
Did you get a hundred "sigh" texts after this post?
I haven't watched actual TV in a hundred years. Or something. But two days ago I started with the reboot of Doctor Who and finished the first season yesterday. The problem with watching them all in a row is that I am now past the Eccleston Doctor and I only had two days with him. /weep

Okies... I suck Have fixed the second schmatta link. Sorry about that, people!

Damn, you've been busy.
I'm sorry about the skin problems, hope they clear up soon. I'm grateful mine are leaving me alone for the moment.
No, it's Kevin Bacon. It's never going to get better. Unless they're a chance they'll kill him off?

Kevin Bacon. Fox. There's your answer right there.

My Amazon order arrives tomorrow. It's all your fault.

Sorry about the skin troubles, but glad you're getting some love.

"STILL waiting for The Following to improve."

i have accepted that this will never happen. i don't know why i (or you for that matter) still watch it.

Young'un was very fond of the father/son team (I think the draw was the very positive and supportive things they said about one another), and devastated when they withdrew last week. Poor Bubba. I'm rooting for the roller derby Moms, but only half-heartedly.

Sounds like an up and down week! I used to get eczema pretty bad, but I use the heavy duty over the counter cream like a lotion every day, and my skin has never been happier for it.

Sorry about the skin issues. Hope you get some relief . . . tout de suite! I don't watch much television, so I know not what you speak of in terms of the Survivor and the Kevin Bacon Show and the Amazing (or not-so-amazing) Race. (I am, though, getting ready for some Don Draper action soon.)

Gave up on Amazing Race a couple of years ago and we're this >< close to giving up Survivor. Who DOES cast that show? Talk about uncomfortable. (Brandon)
I couldn't love the yarn more and couldn't love you more for spinning it just for me.

Sending feel better love for the spring skin yuk. You are one productive person! Love all!

I will have to find Vikings.

Our Carrie has a babby!! Another one! Sooooo cuuuuuuuute.

Your schmata is nice.

Yes. You are hopelessly naive.

Cables with cuffs! That's a good idea.

Survivor...exhausting but we hang on! Glad that little creep, Russell's nephew, is gone. I heard Vikings was good, I am anxiously awaiting the return of Game of Thrones.

The Amazing Race is like a horror show for me - all the last minute travel stuff is my nightmare.

I haven't given up on The Following, but I've got a few episodes that I haven't watched yet.

P.S. It's ok not to love a pattern on the umpteenth repeat of a chart. Sometimes the finished look is worth the pain.

You don't like "Mullet Guy" and his wife on Amazing Race? He seems like such a teddy bear. :) I haven't watched all the episodes this season but, as usual, there is at least one couple where the guy is a total ass to his girlfriend/wife. They seem to look for that when finding couples to race.

You have been super-busy! The shawl is beautiful and the baby sweater is sweet. The yarn you spun for Margene is so amazing!

I think I have given up on so many television programs and networks (Hello, History Channel!) that I seem to just keep Netflix going. It isn't that I am really watching anything better, but just programming without the commercials.

I hope the Spring skin troubles are manageable and cleared soon. xo

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