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Thursday, February 28, 2013


March 1st? Oh my I've lost track of time (again). You are a saint for knitting with black yarn.

Slippers are perfect for sturdy yarn! They look great:)

I do love that picture. Just needs bells on the toes...

I just caught up on your last few posts. (I've been WORKING!) Nobody can kvetch quite as mysteriously and entertainingly as you. Keep up the good work!

Oh, and I am glad your feet are warm. But aren't knitted slippers a death wish on hardwood floors? Or maybe you just walk better than I do.

Origami knitting? Seriously? Are you sure?
Cute slippers though...and love the socks!
I've stolen needles from projects too and it generally isn't a good sign...
Love that dish too!

I love slippers and socks on hardwood! If you get the right speed and direction, you can FLY!!! Of course, I may be slightly weird and overly tired. Sexy ankles! /runs

Love the cast iron socks. I kind of got the gauge I wanted and now I'm having second thoughts on the yarn choice. /sigh. I think tomorrow AM will be swatch with coffee AM.

I love that plate, too. And the lovely yarn.

Oh my I love this post! I love that dish too, it makes me want to eat shortbread and drink tea - both of which are not my faves btw.

March is my favorite month, I adore origami and buy copious amounts of origami paper at the 100 yen store and don't use it, but my origami omnibus sits proudly on the bookshelf.

The slippers are sooooo cute! We won't even address your cute tights/socks since this comment will now be longer than your actual post. I shall note the slipper pattern in rav in case my slippers have another resoling. xoxo

You've been busy, dumplin'. Still think the slippers need a bell. I'm gonna give mine bells. That cake of handspun from the Hitchhiker is gorgeous. That'll make some mighty purdy socks. Happy Friday/March Oneth!!!!!

I love that plate too! And the gorgeous yarn sitting upon it. The slippers are quite nice and as Stacey said above, I hope you're going to take a couple of rides across the floor in those things!

That yarn sounds like it was a perfect choice for slippers.
Origami? Hmmm.

Oh, and I've been thinking about that slipper pattern since I first saw Mustavilla's projects. Don't seem to have any appropriate yarn in the stash, though, or I'd have made them already.

I am too tired for origami this month. Maybe when you decide what you will make us all do for April, I will consider being compelled to do it. What would be nice is for someone to make me put the laundry away. (Temple will fold it - wrong, but he folds it, so I shut up - but he WILL NOT put it in a drawer.)

Origami? How does one get in on being made to do that?
Love the dish...I think I had a shirt in a similar pattern once and it was one of my all time favorites... don't judge ;)

Love the dish AND the color of the yarn ... yum!

Oh! That dish! And the cast-iron slippers look just perfect.

Love the slippers! (And hardwood floors may be why they're called *slippers*...)
Origami, eh? I'll have to try to dig up the Drops mitered-square pixie slippers I started many moons ago and finish them. If I haven't stolen the needles out of them, that is.

I will be casting on slippers tomorrow..thanks I have been looking all over for just the right pattern.

I love your slippers and striped legs! I'm glad that it was only yarn causing pain and hope you never have to knit with it again.

I was confused and thought that March was for something else, and I'm pretty sure I'm the one to blame for that.

Yep, better as socks than a Hitchhiker. xoxox

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