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Friday, February 15, 2013


Oh Queen of the Seasonal Footwear People, I come bearing one *leetle* piece of advice. When SFP are driving you insane, take a deep breath and realize that the drama llamas are more often than not just oblivious, clueless simpletons. They are only bucking the rules because they don't know how to find them, didn't see them, or sadly, have yet to learn to read. Now take another deep breath, and know that we are in this thing together!

Today was rather spring like here, too. I rolled down the windows of the car and blasted Bon jovi love songs to anyone in hearing distance, happy valentines from the 80s!

The mitts look gorgeous and I can't wait to see your pretty nails. I do love the dark colors and "Bite Me" is just so you! I can't wear blue or green, though, because I look like a cadaver. Enjoy the chocolate. Knit whatever you feel like. Get some sun and enjoy the warm. Hugs, dumplin'!

Enjoy your open windows! (It's currently snowing here. *sigh*)

Open windows? Birds singing? Oh my. Detailed description please...it's a long time til we get that here...
Am expecting a modeled shot of those Bite Me nails! :D

It's finally warm enough here to stick our noses out the door, although the air quality has not improved.
Bite Me...perfect name for polish. I need to find it for my toes!
The mitts are Susan's Ragtops. Good work Cindy!!

YOU simply must buy a polish called Bite Me! Perfectly lovely it must be.

I too opened all the windows yesterday to get some spring into the house. It was heaven.

Those mitts are lovely. That yarn is so Monet Waterlilies pretty...

I had my windows open the other day. Now we're back to a high of 50. :( By Monday, we'll be in the 70's again. No wonder I'm so confused. If you don't enjoy nupps, you shouldn't knit patterns with them in. Life's too short. Just sayin' :D

Texas is leaving me alone next weekend, so I'll have some alone time to help you with the seasonal people.

No nupps! No nupps! Anticipating opening the windows one of these days ;-) And the polish...you must show us. I'm rocking the short dark semi-sparkle too.

Nupps are great for using up tons of yarn. They have their place, but beads can be easier.

Sounds like the weather's perking you up. Must be nice!

Better luck next time with the timing of the nail polish & the pictures. I'm finding that the work thing is getting in the way of nail polish because I want to spend any and all spare time knitting/spinning & not doing nails. I'll live vicariously through you for the moment.

Bite me! Perfect!
I think we need a photo.

This is the first blog post I have read in ages! By anybody! What do I find out? Well, that to keep up with you is to read regularly, it's like I don't know you at all AND I am knitting PINK with NUPPS!!! Just like YOU! The pink, a little ugh for me, but wherever I take it people love it. The nupps? I love me some nupps and that is the truth. I've knitted the same shawl with the nupps and with the beads and love them both. I have no idea what you are knitting. I am knitting a Swallowtail. Again. I think I have this thing memorized.

*snicker* Bite me.

50 degrees here yesterday ... we're down to less than 18" of snow on the ground!

So we're getting more this weekend.

LOVE the Ragtop pattern. I've made at least four pair. Time for another.

I love sparkly polish but hate my nails, fingers, and hands in general so I mostly never polish my fingernails. Toenails, on the other hand...
for reasons I shall not explain (no one needs to know the maps of the twisted pathways in my head) "Mardi Gras arrived in a box" has led me to determine that I will shrivel up and blow away if I don't have a pineapple upside down cake STAT.
Lovely springy weather here today. Due for rain on Wednesday. I'd about kill for a big loud thunderstorm.

I wish I was able to let a bit of spring in when opening the windows today. We had the joy of letting in a bit of 23 degree weather. At least it wasn't snowing yet. But the cooking actually worked and I didn't set of the bloody fire system. It brings a fire truck automatically.

Bite Me? Hard to resist anything with a name like that. . . :-)

Hooray for finding the right nail polish! I have been pondering it again, and not finding what I want, nor the time to gaze at it and pick the wrong one.

Should we fear next month's CMMDI? xoxox

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