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Saturday, February 23, 2013


You know that Joan does everything a bit differently just to stand out. She's such a maverick, but not in a mavericky way;-p You know I've already signed on for Cookie Made Me Do It. I will look for yarn in my stash this weekend so that I can be ready on Friday. I need to finish those birthday mitts first, but that'll be easy peasy. I saw a hawk on a light standard while driving down the highway and actually considered taking a picture with my phone. Thankfully, I realized I was going too fast before committing a seriously stupid act. le sigh.

Muwahahahhaha. My ebil plot is working. :D At least three months of this will be taken up by the seasonal thing. If Sarah stops by... the curvy wurvy will happen.. it's why it's called CMMDI. O.o

Do you think they birds could be eagles. They're so big!

And that is my bad ankle! Maybe I can contort in a way to show you the good one next time.

Griffin is getting the Goose socks.


Be glad those aren't vultures gathering.

Oh what fun. Is the Cookie Made Me Do It open to the blogless? Sounds like fun. Especially since I seem to have been playing along this month without knowing it. After all I finished a pair of socks started in August plus the 2nd sock of a pattern I started 4 years ago and lost my note for. I'm proud of how well they match. Also I'm fighting with a shawl called Malice. I started in September with the rest of the KAL. Hopefully, I'll finish the 4th clue today. Giving me 5 days to finish the 5th clue and the border. If it's not blocked does it count as finished. I've got the clear the craft room floor to block. It's going to have a wingspan similar to an orangutan.

PS I like Joan's new modeling style.

Not cables. Phew!! Dodged a bullet there... :) How do I join in?
Cool picture! Those ARE way big birdies.

I think I need an in-person cookie made me do it. A cookie standing by my knitting constantly wondering are you done yet? Is it a shawl yet? Why haven't you finished yet? Etc.

We've got lots of hawks around here too although some of these have got to be eagles. And helicopters (one flew overhead). (At least I'm hoping that noise is a helicopter).

So what's on the March Cookie Made Me Do It menu?

I wanna know what it is before I know if I want you to make me do it. Or something.

Love the socks Cookie and will put them in my lineup. I had a skin that was calling for cables.

Love the photo.

The birds...so cool. I wonder what they were planning. Nice job on the socks, as always. :-)

Can I blame you for my snarkiness? Cookie made me do it.

Whatcha planning?

Whatever. I'm in....

I could use a pick me up in March (or is that a kick in the pants?). Anyway, I will totally tell folks that CMMDI, no matter what I'm doing.

I decided that I hate cables on socks. I made one Bayerische sock and half of another and ripped them out. I just couldn't do one more twisted stitch for a pair of socks. And I love socks. I am currently loving the SKYP sock. Easy and cool looking.

Wow, hawks? I really like that picture.

Cookie might've made me do it but I'm not promising anything right now, my flakiness has reach epidemic levels. I will enjoy seeing what comes of it, though.

I love big birds! That is an awesome picture. I once almost got into a car accident because I saw a hawk flying over the highway and I was following it.

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