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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Boy! Do you feel better? I'm afraid I don't know how to tell with my stats who's been reading my blog. It would be nice to know who the 12 people are who read it. Heh. Hope you day gets better. :-)

Had enough, huh? I'm not sure I follow your fury, grrl, but I am very tired of judgement in any form. It seems if you do it, you're bad/stupid/tacky, but if I do it, it's style. So tiring. I'm sorry about the hand pain, but as a wise friend told me (quite recently), if it hurts stop doing it;-p

Hope your wrists feel better soon. I always wonder if the elastic wrist braces they sell in knitting catalogs would help.

A couple days ago Typepad wouldn't let me into anyone's Typepad blog. The little circle just kept spinning and spinning...

Hope the rest of the week improves...

I can check my stats? I can't wear trainers? I'm confused.

Whew! Whinging Wednesday....I like it!

But neon coming back?!? Did that ever look good on anyone but Wham? Maybe I'm still traumatized by the 80's. Oh, believe me, the white women around here haven't forgotten about make up. I think some have to put it on before they go to the bathroom in the morning.

Whine away! xoxo

Now I feel dumb because I JUST found my blog stats (for my very lame, unread blog) this morning! And I'm pretty sure my readers aren't even from the United States.


Man I love a good rant! Of course I think I'm one of those women who don't care. Jeans and sneakers (this is Boston after all) check. No make up check. "Natural" hair color check. Crap, I am one of those. I am clean. I hope that counts for something.
I love to look at my sorry stats. My favorite is the locations. I had a visitor from Morocco today!

I must look like a stalker cuz I haven't grown up and figured out a reader yet...technology! Sorry about those hands, wreaks havoc on the mental health huh?

Yes, you certainly are in a mood. But what else is new, right?

I know how to find my stats, but can't be bothered to look at them. But then, I don't have all that drama going on.

I whined on my Wednesday and then I cried. My drier wasn't working right and we realized that the vent was full of water....happens when it is full of lint and the moisture can't excape. It also happens because my drier is too far away from the window it vents through...because a couple of years ago I paid someone to move it there because NOW it is finally next to my washer. And NOW I have to move the f-ing thing back so we don't burn the house down. And NOW I have to carry my wet clothes across the whole damn basement to throw them in the drier. I am not a happy camper. So mood away... I am here with you whining and listening.

The snowflake yell is one of my favorite quotes from the fight club movie. Gah, I hate it when people expect something special for them when every single other person ahead of them is treated the same way for the same thing,

Tell Doris that I just checked the dryer and it was full of wet towels since I must not have turned the thing on - yesterday.


It's my day for complaining and being a snowflake, but then again I spent 4 hours in the ER with a suspected kidney stone. the CT scan was inconclusive, but at least I still have good painkillers.


But I don't like that trend!
Can you see me now? xox :)

Hey at least you don't have a "major snowstorm" coming your way. Hoping for a snow day even though that doesn't happen much around these parts because they know how to do winter here.

Coming in late and reading your comments is much fun. Somehow I feel like I am in a deep black hole, I understand nothing.
I am knitting with handspun for one project and damn soda bottle red heart for another, yeah hand pain. Wish I could get my kidz to appreciate nice wool. Should be happy I suppose, at lease they remove the labels and caps from the bottles before they make the yarn.

I think you need a mani/pedi stat! (or maybe that's me)

I know you're fabulous, if someone doesn't get that send the beyatch my way for a red headed beatdown sistah.

I would not make slippers for a million damn dollars girl, you win the prize...good luck with those and show me the error of my ways when you finish them ;-)

Clearly, I live in a cave. But it's cozy in here. I have wine. . . and yarn. . . and a dog. I ignore people and blog stats alike. But I always pay attention to The Fashions (even if I, ultimately, ignore them, too). (And you know I don't wear lipstick. Mascara, though? Yeah.) It's not Wednesday anymore . . . but whine my way anytime. XOXO

PS I typed a comment very similar to the one above earlier. It got eaten by some sort of Typepad black hole. If it shows up, you'll just have two.

Hey, I resemble that white-people-no-effort thing, and before you point out that I just had a baby, I have been like that my whole life. (Gilda Radner, she of the "I base my fashion choices on what doesn't itch", is my fashion soul-mate.)

If, by "whole life" you realize that I mean "since grunge became a thing in college and I realized how much time it takes to give a rat's tuke about my hair".

I have stats. I generally ignore them.

You're so 20th century fashion. And possibly a Fundie.

I am a lurker...I don't have a blog, but I do enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you are knitting and spinning. Is there a way that people can become "non-lurkers"? I'm not sure how this whole blog etiquette thing works.
Blogless Mary Lou
an avid knitter and spinner
p.s. I'm Sewsweet on Ravelry, if that's important to anyone.

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