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Monday, February 11, 2013


Are those, like . . . REAL daffodils? Blooming somewhere? I think I have an eye-twitch. . .

Sounds like there are all sorts of mysterious doings going on over there.

OMG I love those cables! And yanno, somebody wants to give me expensive chocolate, I'll eat it. And if they wanna give me cheap drugstore chocolate, I'll eat that too. And if you really don't like those maple cookies yer nuts.

I don't know if it's cruel or nice to show us snowbound people blooming daffodils!
The sock is looking good. Will be waiting for the project we haven't seen yet...

My tulips are still all leaf and no ACTION. Those bitches better get busy looking at that daffy eye candy you're sporting.

Greg Proops (comic and all around funny dude) has a podcast often done in West Hollywood from where he hails and each month has a "rename" by the gay sex club across the street from his podcast venue. Manuary segues into Fistuary. I can't wait for March's love name!

Pretty flowers, pretty cables! I am such a magpie, I love sparkly jewelry, but only from a jewelry store and not giant oversized gems that look like they fell out from a crown. Give me a moderately-sIzed, well placed diamond setting any day.

And drug store chocolate? Please, anyone can make better truffles than that!

Love the socks. Are those your daffodils? Blooming and everything? I am flabbergasted. I'm horrified that mine are out of the ground about 4". And, the drug store chocolate? In a pinch it's just fine for me;-p

Mmm, lovely cabley goodness. I totally agree with you about the cheap dime store chocolate. That stuff is nasty!

Thanks for the pattern heads up:)
I don't understand the jewelry/chocolate ads. Are they a hint for stupid men to buy things? Also what is with the "chocolate diamonds"? Are they flawed or good? Actually I don't get Valentine's Day. You really should treat your loved one well all year long.
I'm looking forward to the project we have never seen!

Are the flowers in your yard?! I'm so envious and very ready for spring!

My daffodils are still under a deep blanket of snow. *sigh*

You snorted at least 3 times!

Thank you - and Chrissy! I love the description of her dau. - tomboy with girlie heart. A tough Valentine's Day will not last as long as a pair of socks - or the time it takes to make them, for ourselves!!

Are we supposed to be finishing things this month? As in ... things that have been languishing? Huh.

Thank you for the link. I like her patterns; I did some of her lace not too long ago and was very pleased.

No, they don't. I wish I had more faith in humanity, but no. I guess I am talking about more than chocolate.
I'm glad you are coping better. Those paperwhites are beautiful.

Chrissy is a sweetheart, and so is her sock pattern. I downloaded the pattern, even though I don't knit a lot of socks, because they're pretty enough to tempt me into knitting them. Her book is gorgeous, have a look at it: Indie Socks.

The flowers give us snowbounders hope! We've been inundated (or at least bothered every day during morning news) by ads for this...http://www.vermontteddybear.com/BHL/#t1|BBFP55002 I'd kill someone. :-)

Massage :: OMB I can't wait until Saturday for my monthly massage that I upgraded to 90 minutes!!!!!!!

(fixed that for you)


As long as you're finishing stuff, it counts. Right? That was the no stress part of it. I love when people gigglesnort. But then again, I'm weird.


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