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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm guessing it is with the travel bag of my favorite jewelry that I gathered up for a trip 10 days ago and lost in the matter of 15 minutes.........I had to go without it and buy some new. Not a bad thing!
But seeing as we are on opposite coasts, I'm guessing they are lost in different places. But let me know when and where you find your mitt and I will look in the corresponding spot in my house. Weirder things have happened.......

With the remote? Or those pants?

I'm with Joan...it's with the remote and the pants you lost under the laundry. ;) Or it could be in a coat pocket, under the seat of the car or at the lost and found at the grocery store... Hope you find it!

I bet that its with the dpn that went missing yesterday. I am blaming the 'devil cat'.

Hope that you find it soon, maybe its in the bottom of your purse?

Never mind, you probably already looked there!

Under the old lady? At the PO? Still think the whole mission impossible is a contender

It's probably in Cancun with my Gnome mitts and peacoat. What they're doing in that heat I don't know, but I'm sure it involves a swim up bar and drinky-poos.

Sad you've lost the beauty. I can only hope it turns up.

For some reason I always find my missing glove in my kid's car. Or my other kid's car. Weird really, because I never get IN my kids' cars and they don't usually borrow my gloves. That I know of. And really, why would they borrow only one. But if I ask, "Has anybody seen.....?" I usually get, "OH, yeah. I think that's in my car." No explanation for that!

Good luck. (Maybe under the seat of your own car? Sniggled down next to the seat? Glove compartment?

I ate it. Sorry, lavender is the tastiest.

I also vote for hidden recesses of your car.
Wait, no. I always seem to find lost glovery (what is the word for hosiery for the hands?) in the pocket of a coat, especially one I don't wear often. See also: side pockets of suitcases that I don't tend to use much.

Check a certain someone's pillow? Bet it's somewhere in there;-p And, I'll take the handspun, thanks.

I got nothin'. Have you looked under the couch cushions? Or in the freezer? How about the vacuum cleaner? You're welcome to come search my place but I haven't seen it.

Have you talked with St Anthony, the patron saint of lost goodies? He's never failed me.....

Possibly with the towels that go missing?

In a bag packed to take somewhere, maybe a project bag? My gloves were hiding in my shoe bag yesterday.

In with the hats? Under the seat of the car? In the laundry?

It's most likely hiding in plain sight. That's the way my possessions taunt me, anyway.

Bottom of a closet, box of hats you haven't worn for a while, yarn stash, with other clothes but oddly no other knits, an old purse or the car. Wait, that is just where my knits end up. They are lovely, sad to be missing one!

In your coat or sweater sleeve? On the closet floor, behind the shoes or in a boot or in a shopping bag?

Under the seat of the car? In the backseat? In the trunk? That's usually where I find our stuff that goes missing. I think it heads out there to catch a ride and get away for a few hours and forgets to come back into the house. I hope you find it...I hate to lose one of a pair of anything.

You will find it after you've scoured the planet for the matching yarn and are 90% of the way through knitting its replacement.

The answer is 42, of course. Ok, but seriousily, this bit of advice lands in the category of "otherwise". I perpetually lose items and generally find them in plain sight or some completely obscure place. One time, I couldn't find the checkbook anywhere. After a few days (perhaps longer!), the item was found in with the Tupperware. Always check the Tupperware first. Trust me. Good luck!

The lizard is using it as a bed.

Under the couch.

Oh no! Have you looked on the floor under where you hang your coat? In your purse? Under the couch cushion? Near where you drop your keys? The last place you know you had both? I hope it didn't fall out of the car and isn't sitting in a parking lot somewhere....

Did you accidentally mail it to Joan? If you were picking up a bunch of socks it may have stuck to other knitting or yarn and headed off to NY.
Maybe the freezer?

My lost gloves always end up between the passenger seat and the car door. Because I toss them on the passenger seat when I get in the car, and sometimes I toss them too hard.
Hope it turns up soon!

I've no idea where it is but I wish you luck finding it. I'm still holding onto one mitten when I know the other one is irretrievably lost, just in case.

The last place you will look. So, just think of where that will be and go there. Yup. Useless advice. What do you expect? ;)

I looked all over for a shirt I bought a couple weeks ago. It wasn't in the shopping bag with the jeans I purchased that night. Because it was in the luggage I picked up at the luggage store. D'oh! Go look in your luggage...

It's probably right next to the knitting needle that my cats absconded with a couple of months ago. I've looked everywhere and even pulled furniture out from the walls to check behind and beneath, but no needle. It's one of a pair I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool so I'd really like to find it!
Hope you find your mitt...so pretty!
Blogless Mary Lou (Sewsweet)

In the laundry - but you'll only find it when you TOTALLY CATCH UP! Good luck with that. :)

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