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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I love that color (even if it's off)! The hand tulips are . . . stunning. :-)

Worth the effort, I'd say, but am wondering where the "tulips" come in. Maybe the duplicate stitch on the originals looked like tulips to the designer?

The pattern looks challenging, but I do love how yours turned out. I am always impressed that you can see past the original design (which I found a tad fussy looking). Love them, but I think our Joan needs mittens and gloves right now. Of course, she's from hardy stock so I might be wrong;-P And, Guten Morgen.

My fingers don't look that blue!


The mitts are lovely! I love your version:)

I see the tulips. I do. Nice job - of course. ;-)

I think Handstulpen are handcuffs...I like tulips better tho.

Needless to say, your version are lovely.

They look warm and your mods were perfect. Cables on both sides would be bulky. Good work, good color, happy to hear Joan's fingers aren't blue.

If that's you being mean it seems like a good thing to me. Nice job.

I agree with the no cables on both sides thing - it would be awkward.

I don't like textured palms on mitts, either; I would have done the same thing. I can't help but 'improve' patterns by substituting a preferred thumb gore or short row heel instead of following directions like a good girl. Guess its the rebel in me!

Cute! Of course you changed the pattern.

They look lovely and warm. Good work. But is that... SNOW!?! in the background? I thought you lived in sunny CA...

Duh. I just realized that is a photo of Joan's hand.

::hangs head in self disgust::

Actually, the pattern name has nothing to do with tulips. "Handstulpen" consists of 2 words "Hand" + "Stulpen" which mean hand + gaiters, whereas tulips would be "Tulpen" without the s at the beginning.

There will be no sunlight tomorrow. It's rain, rain, rain. Well, the possibility of.

I'm guessing you're not the hand model? Oooh, and I see kmkat came to that same conclusion. We smaht, on your blog.

The mitts look really good! Am anxious to see the socks. For some reason the pattern makes me smile. I think it's the colors and the button...
If this is Ten Minutes on Tuesday then I'm running behind yet again... /sigh

Ah... it appears that "Handstulpen" means hand warmers, not literally hand tulips. Makes more sense.

Appears to be part of some sort of series of patterns for a Grimm's Fairy Tales group.

And of course, what could be more fitting than "Goose Girl" mitts? They're very nice. And those sock patterns look great, too.

Her website page info translates to:

"The Goose Girl-hand warmers" by wool dream
Knitting instructions for hand warmers

They are so beautiful, and the changes you made are perfect.

The socks are pretty, too! At least I think I saw photos, but that might just be the crazy. xoxox

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