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Friday, February 01, 2013


Gorgeous yarn! It looks soft from the picture, but maybe it's late and I am looking for something cozy to snuggle! Avoid the plague if you can, but the force is strong this year. People who really never get sick are getting taken down like a pack of wolves after a lone deer.

Glad to see your wit has returned . . . you were missed. Gorgeous yarn! I have a horrible time trying to get accurate pictures of my knitting to post on Ravelry, then decided hey, at least I'm getting it on there.

Always glad you post. We really do love your cranky cute self. The Sheep Share is stunning. And, I cannot wait to see what the red looks like. So exciting. I love the "Cookie made me do it", but I keep signing on for stuff and completely not get around to it;-p People suck for the most part. I just mosey along and try to get along with them the best I can and then I come home and knit.

But can we live in a cave? i really don't mind bats and a cave would be cozy...

Pelicans...Ronnie Reagan's neck....WTF?

SO glad you posted. So. Glad. (Especially when you make me spit coffee at my computer screen when I read words like "Pelican: Ronnie Reagan's neck.") Love the yarn - so very much loveliness. Keep drinking the tea. (Whatever works. . .) Wasabi peas? Do they have healing properties . . . besides just providing a burst of flavor??? And . . . all I can say is . . . Margene is One Lucky Dog!!!

I throw you, you throw Joan... it all evens out. You drug me into that mitten thing! :D Like I said, no pressure. Just gives me a reason to post about something besides ducks and chickens and sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth. And you have a finish posted already! The yarn is lovely.

p.s. Have you come up with March? Luckily, the summer is covered with those sock people..

Glad you're hanging in there, Cookie!

For me!? So, so excited. Not skinny lace, but lace or skinny sock would be lovely for my ol' fingers. You turned the SS into such a gorgeous yarn!
There is no use trying figure people out. They change at the drop of a hat and you won't see it coming.

Beautiful yarn! Red cashmere/silk - sounds like heaven, no doubt she will wear it well! And no comments about the batteries...;-)

I'm always glad when you post, even when I don't comment.

Stealing batteries? I've never heard of such a thing!

The batteries are much better off in your remote, IMHO.
Hope you stay healthy!

That is what I plan to call my CCSR's the day I finish them. Or, My toy is out of batteries. Any who,got to start them first!
Forget the fakers tell them to stick it or don't give them the time of day. Obviously, you do think about some things too much because RR's neck?! WTF!!! Ewww.
Once again, you made beautiful yarn. Love the color. :)

Beautiful spinning!! Eh, people. Easier to take them at face value and judge away anyway. What

Oh. I've confused Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington) with Who's That Lady (Isley Bros). Probably due to my advanced age.

Aren't you the cheery one? People suck.

Keep spinning - that helps me, anyway. I'm much more calm when I've been spinning. Your spinning looks lovely, even if you're too lazy to weigh it for us. It makes me think I should crack open another box of Cupcakes and start some skinny spinning.

Presenter at a meeting yesterday said that 1, staff people had told her that they were really intimidated by her when they first started, and B, her husband had mentioned that occasionally was less than delightful. Hey, aren't we all? You excluded, of course. But all we mortals fall short occasionally. It's the ones who do is continually that we need to watch out for...

I'm in a "ignore the crazy" phase now. Since I work at a mental health center, I know what real "crazy" looks like and all the fake stuff? Now worth my time/energy (nor yours).

I am spinning the beautiful batts Joan made me to match some roving I bought at MDSW almost 2 years ago. I didn't have enough for my sweater so Joan (the magician miracle worker) made me some more. It keeps me off the streets.

Wishing you the best of luck on the staying healthy. At this point, if I could spin snot into gold, I'd be fabulously wealthy...

The yarn looks lovely. I hope you stay well, happy as possible, and drama-free. I'll be in your state at the end of the week and I'll be thinking of you and waving to the north. xox

You got the German mitts done? Yay!
Such pretty blue yarn...what's it gonna be?
Stay healthy. Be happy.

Lovely yarn. And I'm so in a judgey mood these days. Ironically I'm all judgmental about people who I feel are judgmental. Heh.

Oh, the new yarn is so pretty! I can't wait to see the cashmere/silk you are making for Margene. It already sounds wonderful.

I've been blamed for worse, and if you really are making people do these things, at least we all know you are gentle on the knitalongers/spinalongers.

I hope for better health in your home and that the tea is not too terrible. I just had a bad memory of time at the HMO pharmacy. My sympathies, sweetie.

I understand the spot you are in right now, and hope that your people pondering is productive and you find a place of peace with it. xoxox

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