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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Zie Germans must not win! No, seriously, make that pattern your bitch!

I hate it when they call you from the kitchen. . .

Have you checked the dryer? I always forget the last load in the dryer.
Why is it that the cookies always have the loudest voice? I have some ginger cookies that shout so loudly I can hardly hear the clementines.

A load of towels? Oh, my. I hope they aren't in a basket somewhere waiting to be picked up. Or, did they run away from home? That would be sad and hard to take. And, never let the German pattern keep you down!!

We've defeated the Germans twice, you can't let them win now!

How does one lose a load of towels?!? Did you look in the dryer?

You do know that we are welcoming an actual German in August, right?

Blogging today, I think...

Are the towels under the knitting? Under the old lady's bed? I'm trying to figure out where Texas put the bathroom rugs. Luckily, I do know where my towels are, so we have a substitute. Not like there is much to substitute for towels. Which would you take, a Neibling or these mitts?

How DOES one loose a load of towels? That's a rhetorical question.
You can always make "them" leave the house. However, that rarely works and you'll just be searching all over for them and begging them to return.

You don't know where your towel is? THE HORROR!!! < /geek>

The towels must have run off to the same place as the remote control.

They are in my kitchen, too. If you find their lemony sisters, the spell may be broken. But.... it is a vicious circle.

Send them to me; I'll make sure they never call your name again. I haff vays. (I'm soooo not German, but I can pretend.)

Oh I hope those towels are not in the washer - waiting for the dryer. I've done that before...there is not enough bleach in the world able to make those even good enough to wash the car. Hopefully yours are in the hamper still poised and waiting.

Ah the German, I'm half German and can actually speak it (badly). I do love a compound run on word. In German that would be Compoundrunonword (see I remember to capitalize it because it's a noun.)

It's the chocolate here that has been calling from the kitchen. Fingers in ears...lalalalalala.
Isn't Niebling German too? You conquered that one...surely you can do it again! Go Cookie Go! :D
A WHOLE LOAD of towels??

Eat them all now and they'll stop bothering you.
Your mother put them in the trunk of the car.
I have a number of tantrums I can send you.
I think the German and the pattern would be helped by a number of German beers.
Maybe they were on fake meds?

Did you know that those little maple leaf cookies are actually a food group here in Canada? :D

How do you say "make that pattern my bitch" in German? I'm pretty sure if you could say that convincingly in a serious and gruff voice, you would win in a heartbeat.

Mmm, cookies.
I'm sure you'll find the towels - eventually. You'll have to find new ones first.
Perhaps the cookies will help with the pattern. Fingers crossed.

I hope you are having a better Wednesday this week. xoxox

Haven't heard from you in a while -- hope everything is okay in your world.

Got any cookies left? ;-)

Snap, Patty! I just came around to see whether there were any crumbs left. In my house cookies don't ever hang around long enough to be heard!

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