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Sunday, January 13, 2013


You probably don't even own an ice scraper, do you... *sigh*

Glad that you had a use for the mittens but sorry that it had to get so cold and icky...
They sure are pretty!

So pretty. I don't know about you, but I get darned cranky when my hands are cold. And, I love the fingerless mitts. Are they a warm brown or plum? And, I'm with Gayle, do you even own an ice scraper or do you use a credit card? Hugs, dumplin'!

You're sure cranking out the mittens!

Maybe you need one of these - I'm sure it would count as a mitten: http://www.berroco.com/patterns/ember

You "crannies" out a pair of fingerless mitts.... aaaaahahahahahahahahahahah
Hahahahahahahahahaha that was the best typo evar.


Thanks to Carrie for pointing out "crankied" -- it IS perfect! As are the mittens and the fingerless thingies. BTW, exactly how cold is "...cold in my corner of California"? If it is above zero I shall disown you. (+5˚F here right now @ 1:37pm).

Lovely cables! I love it when stitching blends together- my picked-up stitches don't blend all the way yet, so I will live vicariously through yours!

You are a goddess of knitting, you know ;-)

Love both pairs but I especially love the fold-down-the-fingers part (or not). I know, simple things do make me happy.


I had to use a dust pan as a scraper. The things we no snow people will do. I love the fold over mitts. I threw aside the color work and went for a straight on mitten again. It's too cold to mess around.

Afterthought or gusset thumb on the fingerless? I'm still working on the afterthought looking good. I can get a gusset all picked up nicely. Maybe I should do more of the others. Of course, I don't like how they fit as much.

Crankied! Awesome!
You sure are nice to your mom.
@Stacey: gusset thumb FTW! The afterthought ones usually pull the back of the hand out of alignment, and it looks funky.Good luck!

The local "news" was on in the other room tonight and the "story" was about the cold and then at the end the reporter acknowledged that most of the rest of the country would be highly amused that this was "news". Then they turned it over to the weather lady with the gigantic rack. And that is why I don't watch the "news".

Cute mitts btw.

The mittens are lovely and so are the mitts! When I lived in your neck of the woods I remember we had snow, once. The neighbor kids went crazy playing in it. So I do believe you get "cold" weather. We'll be having some of your usual cold weather today. It's going to be 55 in Boston:)

OMG, I LOVE those cabled mitts. I must make some for myself.

Perfect mitts for the SLC weather. It's hovering around 0-1 degrees this morning. You should see me with leg warmers over my skinning pants. Truly, it is NOT chic. I am the crazy old lady in layers of hand knits.

Hand-knits will get you through whatever the weather throws at you! (Except in the summer. You know.) I think mittens are maybe the most satisfying knit around -- quick, charming, useful.

Nice work as usual! I've gone off the deep end and joined a swap, for which I am knitting a pair of fingerless gloves. The pattern's a bit fiddly though...seems like there are made up stitches just because. Kind of making me cranky. :-)

I would wear those mittens! (can't do the slouchy hat though)


hee hee, pattern notes: tiny little lady hands need snug little mittens


I like both. and durr whassit for the fingerless pattern? forgive me for missing it.

Your Dainty Bubbles are so beautiful and look wonderfully warm. I love the idea of the fingerless mitts with the extended portion you can fold back, and I definitely think you need a pair for yourself. It is one of my favorite things when I see I have improved. Yay, learning! Yay, skills! xoxo

Never mind, question answered ;op

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