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Saturday, January 19, 2013


I've got that hat pattern, too. Looking forward to knitting it, especially after seeing yours! Love it!
I wanna play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock, but don't have enough people. I wonder if I could get the sheep interested?

The hat is lovely, but does look red to me ... maybe it's my monitor? Or it could be that I just like red, so see it everywhere.

I am also plugging away at mittens, but must confess that I wound yarn for a cowl yesterday. Don't tell.

Oh, who could you be talking about? Who??? And, that hat rocks although I am sorry the yarn sucked. Waiting to see your next mitts or Joan socks, whichever and whenever, dumplin'!!!

Hey, Happy Birthday! Sorry, I didn't know it was this week. Hope you have a great one!

But the drama whores are the best part!

Yeah, that is NOT red.

Better mittens than gloves?

Oh, and I've been wondering if I can ask you a few questions....

I've been debating buying that pattern, and I think I am going to have to do it. Tin Can Knits is really putting out some nice patterns. And I do think that's red yarn, but what do I know.

Great not-red hat. Obviously there's a story there.

Gotta watch out for those boney-butt people!

Great looking hat, sorry the yarn sucked. Yeah, it's been a week alright. But you now have a cabbage eating duck named after you. What could be better?

I'm thinking of making them some oatmeal tomorrow morning. What?!?! Yeah. I've lost it.

I would consider any birthday that included cheesecake to be an unqualified success. Glad yours did and was!

Pretty hat, a shame the yarn was poor, because it looks smooshy and soft.

Love the hat! And I'm happy you had a good birthday. Hubby is still in the running for that job not too far from you, btw ;-)

Looks red to me. Iffin it isn't read, what color is it? And no, I don't pay any attention to farms unless Squishy's on them. Or they're funny.
Hmm, I should have some cheesecake in your honor tomorrow...

How do you know she had a boney butt? Did she sit on you?
If Joan likes wearing the yarn the hat is a win. It sure looks warm (and red). The important thing is you had a lovely birthday week!

The hat is great...too bad the yarn is icky. Yea. It's not red.
So happy you had a fun birthday week! :D

sucks that it's icky yarn - however, the most important question is... does it bleed? ;op haha

The hat looks great. Too bad about the yarn & the colour.

This hat sits high on the favorite list. Gorgeous pattern, off to check out TCK. Maybe a nose job would make me a better hat wearer??? ;-)

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