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Monday, January 21, 2013


That's a lot of calories packed into one little cookie!!
More pretty mitts and German ones on the way? Cool.

Spring is coming? She likes you better as she arrives there first.
Best title ever. :)

Mmmmm, butter cookies.

Nice mitts! Is that you modeling them?

And your mother likes then, right?



I can see the logic behind them being for your mother. However, it was your birthday box. Yeah, I just don't have the patience for reconnoitering the damn pattern this morning, so they're just going to be ribbed. Luckily, that only involves ripping about 12 rows.

Who needs to be faithful to just one? Aren't we all more open minded than that? Do what makes you feel good. :D

I'll bet those cookies are pretty darned good, though.

It must be cold there! I have already succumbed to the socks. I'm doing the Par 5 pattern (with 2 extra repeats because of thin yarn & big feet). I like the cabling pattern, it's just enough to keep it interesting for me without being too fussy.

Mmmm, maple cookies. Those things are addictive.

That's a one-a-dayer if I ever saw one. Like the ribbed pattern, though you know I have ribbed envy based on my current state of affairs. ;-)

It wasn't the birthday box - it was the other box!

You had a great affair with mitts, though. Kinda missing the frog hair, though- looking forward to more pretty yarns!

Shouldn't it be warmer if spring is coming?

Mmmm Maple cookies.

Trader Joes's Maple Leaf cookies? There are a few members of my household addicted to those things. (NOT me. I have other Issues.)

Spring? Bring it! :-)

I hear you on the mittens. I'm working on a mitten tree and have knit 6 pair in rapid succession. Gaaaaahhhh...mitten meltdown.

One of the best blog post titles EVAH!

Mmmmm, cookies. Fat sounds so much more sophisticated on the label when they're called lipides!

Pretty mitt. Is the wood background your table, or are you lying on the floor to get this picture? We knitters are known for being contortionists!

Spring? It is 8 right now. That is degrees but you already knew that. I need to get on the mitten train asap!
Or on the plane to warm. :)

Spring? Oh lucky you. We'll be having Winter, the sequel.
The cookies and the mitts look yummy but I don't suggest eating the mitts.

Is that Crazy Woman?
I think we may have passed spring and we're almost to summer. It's due to hit 80 today and Temple had the AC on the last two nights. /pout

Mmmm...taquitos and cookies...hmmm? Me? Stress eating? Perish the thought.

I would despair over the idea of the start of Spring, but I know some people are really needing it to get here, so I will try to just be quiet about it.

I feel like spinning too, but am just too tired. xoxox

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