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Tuesday, January 01, 2013


I'm so over reading those cheesy review of the year posts. It's all there in the archives to read. No resolutions either just a couple of goals to get done by next New Year's Eve.

They are beautiful pieces.

I don't do resolutions. (The last resolution I ever made was to never make another resolution. It's been working great for years, now.) I don't even do goals.
Usually I just breath a sigh of relief - "There. At least that year is over..." - and just keep going.
All that being said, Happy New Year, sweetie! Here's to better days.

My sentiment is "yay, made it through another year." I think goals are all well and good for some, but not for me. I love your choices, too. Such lovely things that you created by your own hand. Happy New Year, dumplin'!!!!!

Love the purple one! Happy New Year!

Aw, I sort of like the year in review posts (I usually do one) ... if only because last January was SO LONG AGO.

I don't do resolutions ... my father always wanted to know what our predictions were for the New Year. I don't know what I'm predicting for this year. I'll have to give it some thought today.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Happy New Year! For someone who doesn't love to knit you have produced beautiful items!

Never have done resolutions. Don't think I ever will. It works just as good to make changes in your life any other day of the year...why wait until New Year's Day...
Don't say you aren't smart enough...because you definitely are.
For not loving to knit (didn't know that!!) you sure make beautiful things.
Happy New Year, Cookie!!

Knitting is like figuring out a grand puzzle and winning gold when done. Happy New Year, dear one.

You have made some very VERY lovely things that keep you warm and decorated. Win!

I often forget about my handknits (except the socks) when I'm going out, but the last little while I've been wearing B-Side and that lovely blue/green scarf you knit me a while ago, and it's lovely and perfect and so soft I forget I have it on. Then I catch a glimpse of myself and think, YAY PRETTY SCARF!

Lovely knits! What is the pattern on the first one? I immediately recognized it, but couldn't place it in one of my three top lace contender books/mags. I found a pair of swap mittens in my car yesterday, which I keep for hand warmer emergencies. Cold fingers averted!

I am totally not into resolutions.
I love the top pattern - it's one of my favorites that I've ever done.

What a lovely and perfect way to start the new year! Here's to a fresh, new year . . . full of hand-knit-hand-spun-doing-something!

You don't love the knitting? Did you know that is why I started? Why I don't really desire to do the whole big fiber fest thing? Except for seeing Angie and the WI Sheepie thing. I do like the accomplishments. Even though I hate the mitten, I did it. I also love digging when it gets cold.

Maybe this is the year I will knit that Alpine Lace Scarf. I love it so much, and I probably have some handspun that will work. Oooh! I just squashed an impulse to knit several of those in handspun and give them away.

I'm glad you are enjoying the fruits of your labors and keeping warm. I hope all the good things for you this year! xoxoxoxo

Happy New Year! Beautiful, beautiful work. :-)

Oh my gosh, they're gorgeous! It is COLD here in Canada so I can never have enough things to wrap around my neck. another thing on my to-do list...

So pretty! It's freaking cold lately.

I love the resolutions but my mind just seems frozen this year. What do I want? What goals do I have? Putting one foot in front of the other every single day seems exhausting so far in advance.

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