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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Happy Birthday! Glad to see the celebration is continuing!

Birthday celebrations should last through the month! The mitts are very cool and the designer is very smart!

Sorry I missed it. Happy birthday to the best thing to ever happen to my Google Reader!

DAMN. by the time I finished writing the comment at Joan's blog I had already forgotten to text you. It is hell getting old. Or pregnant. Or whatever. Yay! Pretty mitts. Happy birthday!

O.M.G. Happy Birthday! Nice of Oded Fehr to pop up for you.

For your birthday, I was trying to arrange the weather to need fewer gorgeous cables fingerless mitts, but so far, no luck.

Happy birthday and pretty mitts! Love the cabling and smart designers!

Yeah for finishing!!! You wrote a pattern up? What?!? You really are feeling good. sxoxo

Another pair of mitts! Nice! And nice crocheting in the background too...is it an afghan?
After looking at the pattern, I can see why you made everything a little longer...it needed it...

Nice! And it's particularly nice when a designer thinks ahead about the whole printing thing.

So who crocheted the ripple afghan?

Nice! Happy Birthday again - it's in my google calendar now, dammit. ;op xo

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!


Happy birthday!!!! Wishing you a year of joy and love.


I am so glad you had a good birthday, but it is your birthday week (and, month) so continue on, Sweetie! Also, those mitts are simply lovely. I do like that ribbed palm. So, cool. Hugs and pitty-pats.

Love those! And you!

Well I hope you had a Happy Birthday love! Continue celebrating! If I could ever decide what yarn to use, I would knit up a pair of mitts because I sure could use them! Yours are lovely.

Happy happy happy! And more Happy!
Love the mitts. And the color. Enjoy! (Well, as much as you can enjoy something that means your hands are cold...)

Horrible person for missing your bday but new job has started and I have no brains left by the time I get home. So, happy belated birthday dearheart :)

I need to make these gloves, perfect train knitting (must work on the portable knitting more.. all I have are sweaters in progress!).

happy birthday again xo

Happy birthday honey.

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