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Sunday, December 02, 2012


She looks good from the side/back in that purdy sissyfied hat. I'm so impressed that you can knit cables whilst thinking of other things. I either focus or screw up. There is no other way for me. Oh, and I need a cable needle, too. Isn't that just really sad? I didn't think so, either;-D

Such a pretty hat! Love the color.
I wish I could think about other things while I knit...if I don't stay focused all heck breaks out!

Squishy is very pretty in pink! Pondering is the fun part of knitting.

Nice hat. Perhaps I need a nice relaxing hat to knit while another project sits and thinks about what it's done & then tells me how to fix it.

Cables! Cables! Cables! (bangs fists on table in time to the chanting)

What a great hat pattern! I hadn't seen that one before.
The sun will come out. Photos will be fine.

Perfect hat pattern -- and perfect yarn (too bad about the discontinued part) -- and perfect model.

Squishy is a blonde?! How did I not know that? I had always pictured her as a brunette. Of course, I picture you as a 5'11" model with blue hair and rune-ish tats that spell out "Hello Kitty!" across your shoulders...

LMAO @ kmkat...

Nice hat! I like the boxiness. (Is too a word.)
People thought you had issues knitting cables? Fersirius? (I once chatted with a girl who was self-taught in the knitting, and all she made was garter stitch blankets. I told her I loved cables and she said, "OH, me too, but they're way too hard for me." As I did not yet know how to knit, I agreed with her. I have oft wished I could find her to tell her it's not hard.)

Squish is pretty in pink!

So are you drowned? We had a lake in the backyard for a bit.

you are teh sweetest

I was just worried that you were knitting cables with splitty fuzzy yarn. You know, like I am... *sigh*
Pretty pretty hat!
(I'm LMAO at kmkat, too! Tell us it's true!)

The hat, and Squishy, are adorable. I'm with you on the cables: love them! I'm working on a cabled hooded scarf right now and have cabling without a needle down to a science.

Oh, and I agree: photographing cables is a bitch.

Lovely hat! Why is the nicest yarn always discontinued? I'll never understand...

And here I thought there would be a lot of Who's on First comments.

I may need to start knitting the tinfoil-lined hats to do something about the things in my head, though I doubt it would really help. xoxo

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